New release 0.40d

This is a maintenance release. Issues in compilation or bugs have been
fixed on S.u.S.E. distribution, non-x86 systems, and kernel versions 2.2.22
and 2.4.20. No new features is added, as compared to the previous release.

NOTICE: if you're running linux kernel version 2.4.19 or 2.4.20,
you should apply this patch to the kernel source:

Otherwise any USB camera driver fill freeze if the camera is unplugged
while using it (will not freeze whole system, just the driver and any
application using the driver).

You might also want to check out the qc-usb driver. It will
not work on cameras having HDCS1000 or HDCS1020
sensor as well as qce-ga, but it has some new features.
qc-usb is available via anonymous cvs (check out the module "qc-usb"
of project "qce-ga")

Posted by Tuukka Toivonen 2003-01-31

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