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Bug fix release - 14.04.04

Oops - Accidentally broke second instance checking (running PTK twice) in previous release this fixes it.

Posted by tohc1 2014-04-04

New release - 14.04

New release of changes that have been in svn for a while. New Features/Improvements include:

Editor changes
- Cell separators in editor.
Using #%% comments string to divide code.
Execute current cell via F9

  • Keyboard shortcuts added.
  • Added auto-indent feature

- New console auto-completes
Auto-completes for files paths (Ctrl+space in string), tab/right arrow to
navigate folders
Auto-completes for call args (Ctrl+space in call bracket) and names.
Auto-completes for string keys in dict-like objects.
Plus type icon displayed in list, and speed improvements.... read more

Posted by tohc1 2014-04-03

New release v13.01

New release is now available. Only some minor changes to fix problems on MacOS plus new support for the gtk3 (PyGObject) toolkit.

Posted by tohc1 2013-01-30


Pretty major ommision in the 12.08 source release with the PTKengine.pyw file missing completely - a revised zip has been uploaded. Windows installer should be good though.

Posted by tohc1 2012-08-18

New release

Long time, no release....

I'm pleased to announce a new release which is generally a tidy up plus a few new features:

- LICENSE CHANGED: Now licensed under a more liberal MIT License.

- Changes to engines to allow embedding an engine in host applications using any of the supported GUI toolkits.

- Improved installation script adding PTK menu item.

- New toolbars implemented should give better macos support and dropdown menu items.... read more

Posted by tohc1 2012-08-13

Bug fix release 11.04.06

Fixes a few bugs that slipped through the net.

Posted by tohc1 2011-04-06

New release 11.04

1) New integrated debugger.
2) Stopping running code - keyboard interupt added to allow running code to be stopepd even if not debugging
3) Added PySide (Qt4) engine.

See updated webpages for details.

Posted by tohc1 2011-04-04

New release 10.10

Mainly a bug fix release and some internal work.

- Added Exporter system - objects selection dialog and save to file dialog with
automatic file name generation based on object name, counter, date and timestamp

- Added Importer system - available from NSBrowser and console window menu.

- Changed pathmanager to use same working directory for all engines (the old
behaviour was to change the control to match cwd when engines were switched -
but this was annoying and could be confusing to beginners)... read more

Posted by tohc1 2010-10-31


Just noticed a major bug in the current release when reading from stdIn - e.g. input()/ raw_input() .

Fixed in the new version 10.07.23

Posted by tohc1 2010-07-23


- New engines:
GTKExternal - Allowing interactive use of the pygtk library .
Qt4External - Allowing interacive use of the pyQt4 library.

- Added engine enviroment options:
to use the __future__ imports (division etc)
to execute the python startup script specified by the environmental
variable PYTHONSTARTUP found in

- New command: view('objname') command to engines to open a gui view of the object.... read more

Posted by tohc1 2010-07-19


- New improved calltips - scrollable for long tips, check option to prevent autoclose when typing command.

- Modified engine interface to allow extensions and simplify structure, allows control of GUI interface from commmand line:
ptk_help() - key help function
clear() - clears the console
edit('filename') - open the filename in the ptk editor
inspect('objectname') - inpsect the object in the Inspector tool... read more

Posted by tohc1 2010-04-30


Some major changes behind the scenes and new features:

>External engines - simple python and python with wxpython mainloop
>GUI Viewers added for lists,arrays and strings (double click in NSBrowser to open)
>Improved command history with history stored between sessions
>New Tool: Command History viewer
>Program preferences dialog added.

Posted by tohc1 2010-01-23

New release - v09.07

The main changes are:
* Internal changes to tidy module structure and add logging
* Support for external engines (running in a separate process to avoid locking/crashing the GUI)
* A simple external engine running in a separate process
* Support for multiple engines and engine switching
* InfoBrowser renamed to Inspector
* Simplified Namespace browser interface to allow Tools to extend the Namespace browser
* Single instance checking with input arguments passed to the running instance (allowing PTK to be registered to python source files with new files being opened in the running instance)

Posted by tohc1 2009-07-12

new release - v09.03

The second release is available:
- Improved namespace browser (try browsing the wx module)
- New InfoBrowser tool to view object info.
- Bug fixes, code clean-up

The next release will probably be late April as I'm planning some internal changes which may take some time.

Posted by tohc1 2009-03-10

First release!

Python toolkit (ptk) is a matlab style gui / integrated development environment for python. It is designed to allow scientists and engineers to explore their data and interactively develop their software. Please remember that this is a work in progress so not all menu items (help>help,edit>preferences etc) do something!

Posted by tohc1 2009-02-16