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New release - 14.04

New release of changes that have been in svn for a while. New Features/Improvements include:

Editor changes
- Cell separators in editor.
Using #%% comments string to divide code.
Execute current cell via F9

  • Keyboard shortcuts added.
  • Added auto-indent feature

- New console auto-completes
Auto-completes for files paths (Ctrl+space in string), tab/right arrow to
navigate folders
Auto-completes for call args (Ctrl+space in call bracket) and names.
Auto-completes for string keys in dict-like objects.
Plus type icon displayed in list, and speed improvements.

  • Keyboard shortcuts added.
  • Call-tips and auto-completes enabled in debugger.
  • Command history working for interactive debugger prompts
Posted by tohc1 2014-04-03

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