New release 10.10

Mainly a bug fix release and some internal work.

- Added Exporter system - objects selection dialog and save to file dialog with
automatic file name generation based on object name, counter, date and timestamp

- Added Importer system - available from NSBrowser and console window menu.

- Changed pathmanager to use same working directory for all engines (the old
behaviour was to change the control to match cwd when engines were switched -
but this was annoying and could be confusing to beginners)

- Moved Numpy support to 'Numpy suport pack' tool to demonstrate the extension
interfaces available to add python package/module support.
Added array icon and viewer for memory mapped arrays.

- Minor changes in NSBrowser - type displayed now shows 'module.type_name' to
more fully describe the object type (if for example a type with the same name
is defined in different modules). Added Action object interface.

- Changed default engine to wxExternal.

bug in StdIn from console.
bug in StdErr (internal engine / application).
Bug in NSBrowser when array selected then switching engines
Bug in file save dialogs (command history load/save) when last file filter selected on windowsXP.
Various other small bugs

Posted by tohc1 2010-10-31

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