#1 option for disabling array transpose


It is nice that pyfort cares for array transpose (row-major
to column-major and back) out of the box. However, one
can choose to implement this in fortran code, e.g.
by calculating array indexes on the fly, which avoids
data movement. To make such implementation foolproof, it
would be good if one could instruct Pyfort to not transpose
data by default, and also to disable the transpose option for
Pyfort functions and the set_pyfort_option function.


  • Paul F. Dubois

    Paul F. Dubois - 2003-11-18
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  • Paul F. Dubois

    Paul F. Dubois - 2004-02-11

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    I agree that I blew the design on this one. I started to fix
    it and realized it was not that simple. My time is limited
    on this these days but I would be happy to accept help.

    My thought is that the option should be eliminated; that the
    way to generate the code is to pick one of the three choices
    with a command-line option to pyfort.


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