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Please submit any Pyfort patches

After a period of inactivity I plan to do a little work on Pyfort, so any patches you want considered should be in soon.
-- Paul Dubois

Posted by Paul F. Dubois 2003-11-18

Pyfort 8.2

Pyfort 8.2 fixes the setup problem for windows and adds the -n option for creating glue code only.

Posted by Paul F. Dubois 2002-08-15

Pyfort 7.2

Pyfort 7.2 has been released. Two compiler options were added for Mac OS (fort77 and macg77 for the GNU-Darwin fort77 compiler and for the GNU g77 compiler on Mac OS, respectively). Bug fix for single character passing for the Absoft compiler on Mac OS X.

Pyfort is a tool for connecting Python to Fortran.

Posted by Michiel de Hoon 2002-07-11

Pyfor t 7.1

Pyfort 7.1 has been released. Improvements were made
to character handling and scalars in C code.

Pyfort is a tool for connecting Python to Fortran.

Posted by Paul F. Dubois 2002-04-19

Pyfort 6.6

Pyfort 6.6 adds support for the Digital Fortran alpha compiler.

The framework for Windows under Digital Fortran is there but not working yet.

Posted by Paul F. Dubois 2001-08-05

Course notes

The course "Object-Based Fortran 90" is now available in its own release area.
These are materials intended to help F77 programmers learn F90-95 features.

Posted by Paul F. Dubois 2001-06-17

Pyfort 6.3 released for Python 2.1b2

Python 2.1b2 contains a change that stops Pyfort from running the compilation of the module being generated. This change fixes that.

Posted by Paul F. Dubois 2001-03-24

Version 6.0 released

Please see for documentation.
Version 6.0 is a major revision, enabling one-step creation, compilation, and installation of Fortran extensions to Python.

There is an incompatible, albeit easy to change, modification to the input files. Just delete the module/end module statements at the beginning and end of your input files.

Posted by Paul F. Dubois 2000-08-27

Python/Fortran at SourceForge

Pyfort-3.1 is now available for download. It is used to create extensions to Python with Fortran routines. The web page will be available shortly.

Posted by Paul F. Dubois 2000-03-01

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