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Caption Issues

  • Fermin

    Fermin - 2012-03-01

    Have some caption issues.

    I added the code for Height and Width but when the contact sheet is generated it reads under the image "Undefined" on all images. In addition, the resolution is show as PPI and not DPI. I believe an earlier version allowed for DPI. DPI is preferred because it generates a shorter number.

    Photoshop CS5.1

    Any ideas?


  • xbytor

    xbytor - 2012-03-03

    Please post your ContactSheetX.log file when this error occurs and I'll take a look at it.

  • xbytor

    xbytor - 2012-08-09

    Check out  CSX v2.0 betas here on sourceforge.

  • Carl Price

    Carl Price - 2012-08-15

    I don't see any files in the CSX v2.0 betas folder.  Am I missing something?  I love this tool and would really appreciate being able to use it in CS6.  Thank you!

  • xbytor

    xbytor - 2012-08-15

    Oops. I've reloaded the files. Use the mxp file if possible for installation and make sure that you have completely uninstalled in previous releases.


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