#35 pptpd hangup with "Long config file line ignored"

Bug (28)
jose lopez

In case /etc/pptpd.conf does not finish with a newline,
pptpd hangs on startup eating 100% CPU. Tested in
Ubuntu Hoary (pptpd 1.2.1). Adding the missing newline
makes pptpd start fine.

From what I have seen, the bug might be in
configfile.c, function read_config_file.

The do loop logic needs to include the possibility of
files not ending in a newline. In the while just before
the "Long config file..." message, something like

    if (buffer[(len = strlen(buffer)) - 1] != '\n' &&

!feof(in)) {

where the && !feof(in) should be added.

The place I where I have located the bug is
which is the cache of what seems to be a repository for
1.1.4 (NOT 1.2.1). I am not able to grab the source
package right now and the sf.net Web to CVS gateway
seems down at the moment.

Cheers, andvaranaut


  • jose lopez

    jose lopez - 2005-03-14

    Logged In: YES

    I'm taking the liberty to assign this a high priority
    because it is a trivial fix, but the error is really
    annoying and puzzling...

  • Dr. Gianluigi Zanettini

    I found this page Googling for this exact problem. I confirm the issue.

  • James Cameron

    James Cameron - 2013-02-07

    Fixed in CVS.


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