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News editor wanted, 1.2.2 released

We've lost our news editor. If you'd like to edit news for this project, please contact the mailing list. Meanwhile, we've been releasing new versions. See the Files section and the list archives.

Posted by James Cameron 2005-01-06

Poptop-1.1.4 beta2 released

I just uploaded pptpd-1.1.4-b2 to sourceforge.
There's a tarball and a RPM.
I need guinneapigs ;-)

RedHat 7.x
SuSE 8.1
* Mandrake 8.2 (custom patched 2.4.19 kernel, compiled using uClibc 0.9.15)

When installing from source, you'll need to add --with-bcrelay to ./configure

You need to add the option "bcrelay <internal interface>" to /etc/pptpd.conf to make it work.

Broadcast Relay is implemented, so the browselists of LAN-games over PPTP are shown. The Network Neighborhood browselist is somewhat more difficult, need more testing/data for that.
It gets it's outgoing (ppp-)interface by comparing the pppd pid with the contents of /var/run/ppp*.pid, if equal, then it takes the filename till the dot, which is the ppp-interface on Linux.
I have only implemented it for pppd. I don't know SLIRP or BSD userland ppp, so I need people giving me pointers for that.... read more

Posted by Richard de Vroede 2003-02-06

Documentation site started

I've started working on the documentation for the project. All help (hints, docs, possitive criticism ;-) is appreciated. Because of it's greater flexibility (in comparison to DocMan), the documentation is located at http://poptop.sourceforge.net/.

Posted by Richard de Vroede 2003-01-13

Submit to Trackers only when logged in

I've closed the possibility for non-logged in users to submit something to the Trackers (Bugs, Features, Patches & Support).
I'm all for everyone being able to submit, but when there's no information about the submitter, it's very hard to respond to it and the items stay open, even if there really resolved. So excuse me for restricting access to logged in users only, but I feel it will enhance the quality of service.

Posted by Richard de Vroede 2002-12-03

ppp-2.4.2 has built in MPPE support, but......

naming of the options have changed to comply to ppp standards:

PPP 2.4.0 unofficial naming / PPP 2.4.2 official naming

+chapms / +mschap

+chapms-v2 / +mschap-v2

mppe-40 / +mppe-40
(do not use in conjunction with +mppe-128)

mppe-128 / +mppe-128
(do not use in conjunction with +mppe-40)

mppe-stateless / nomppe-stateful
(this is the default anyway, you'd have to use mppe-stateful to turn it off)

According to the documentation on the pptpclient site, where I got this from, this should work (but it didn't for me):
require-chapms-v2 / refuse-pap refuse-chap refuse-mschap refuse-eap
(a client cannot require a method of authentication of itself, the "require" forms of these options are intended for use by servers, and if used on a client will force authentication of the server by the client)

Posted by Richard de Vroede 2002-11-25

Custom kernel is no longer needed!

I started a new approach to the mppe kernelmodule. You have to install the stock redhat kernel with the same version, then you install the kernel-mppe RPM.
It supplies ppp_mppe.o and a patched ppp_generic.o
You can also use it for custom kernels, but make sure the version is the same!
If you want to build the modules yourself, go to the Add-ons section and download kernelmod. After unpacking and reading the README, you're all set to go.

Posted by Richard de Vroede 2002-10-02

Poptop-1.1.3 released!

The PPTP-daemon for Linux has evolved and is now available for download on SourceForge.
I will commit the source to CVS ASAP.

Posted by Richard de Vroede 2002-06-20

PopToP migrating from poptop.lineo.com

The main PoPToP developers left Lineo with the SnapGear spin-out. The ball is being picked up by Daniel Djamludin. PoPToP has been actively developed within SnapGear and a number of improvements need to be rolled out.

Henceforth from this sentence onwards you should refer to "PoPToP" as "Poptop" for ease of use and typing.

Lineo have been asked to forward poptop.lineo.com to poptop.sourceforge.net... read more

Posted by Miles Gillham 2002-03-19

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