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Version 1.7.0 released

Rolls up fixes that were in cvs but never before released.

This release is also known as 'not quite a whole decade after the previous one'.

Posted by Steve Ratcliffe 2013-09-14

CVS converted to Mercurial

The original CVS repo has been converted to Mercurial. The complete history
should still be available. The old cvs repo is still available at present but
it will probably be removed fairly soon.

The tag names have been changed from the form REL-1-6-0 to v1.6.0 since the
only reason that they did not originally use the normal dotted notation was
that it was not allowed in CVS tags.

Posted by Steve Ratcliffe 2013-09-12

Version 1.6.0 of pmidi released

This new version of pmidi will silence all notes when it is interrupted. This has been an often requested feature.

There are also documentation updates and all warnings resulting from ALSA and autoconf changes have been fixed.

Posted by Steve Ratcliffe 2003-12-21

Version 1.5.5 released

The command line MIDI player for ALSA has released version 1.5.5. This release contains changes to build with the currently released version of ALSA 0.9-rc6.

Posted by Steve Ratcliffe 2002-12-01

Version 1.5.4. released

This release just has a minor bug fix which allows midi files that have notes in the tempo track to play in the same way that they do with playmidi or timidity.

The same fix has also been released as version 1.4.2 which should work with ALSA-0.5 as shipped with SuSE 7.2 for example. This is not tested so feedback would be appreciated.

Posted by Steve Ratcliffe 2001-08-25

Updat version 1.5.3 released

This is an update to track the another ALSA API change. Should enable building with the current ALSA CVS.

Posted by Steve Ratcliffe 2001-07-29

CVS updated to latest ALSA api

The pmidi of CVS has been updated to reflect the latest ALSA sequencer changes. A new release will be made soon.

Posted by Steve Ratcliffe 2001-07-22

Update 1.5.2 released

An updated version of pmidi has been released. It adds configuration and documentation updates which have been submitted. See the changelog for details. There are no functionality changes.

Posted by Steve Ratcliffe 2001-05-13

Update version 1.5.1 released

This is another update to track the ALSA sequencer API as in the current CVS.

Posted by Steve Ratcliffe 2001-04-22

CVS updated to track ALSA CVS

The pmidi CVS has been updated to compile with the current ALSA CVS.

Posted by Steve Ratcliffe 2001-02-11

Release 1.5.0 for CVS ALSA versions

The 1.5.0 version of pmidi is only needed if you are using ALSA 0.6.0 from CVS after about 29 Sep 2000. Otherwise you should continue to use pmidi version 1.4.1

Posted by Steve Ratcliffe 2000-10-07

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