0.4.6 Issues

Toby Zines
  • Toby Zines

    Toby Zines - 2006-03-22

    This thread is designed to manage issues arising from the 0.4.6 release.
    If there are new bugs discovered, or new features desired, you should still raise these through the feature requests and bug trackers.
    However, if a previously working feature suddenly appears buggy, you can bring it up here for immediate discussion.

    • Toby Zines

      Toby Zines - 2006-03-22

      There was a problem with the release on the very first day that it came out.
      One of the files that was meant to go into the build was an old version, and it caused a NullPointerException to occur when atttempting to load packages to the database.
      If you don't have a problem loading to the database, then you don't need to do anything.
      if you use the update site to update the plsqleditor, this can be fixed by
      1. closing eclipse,
      2. deleting the eclipse/features/plsqleditor_0.4.6 directory,
      3. deleting the eclipse/plugins/plsqleditor_0.4.6 directory,
      4. restarting eclipse and loading the new features from the updates site.

      If you use the old way of updating plsqleditor (downloading the zip file and unzipping it) you just need to delete the plugins/plsqleditor_0.4.6 directory and re-unzip the newly downloaded zip file.

      If anyone has any other problems, please post here :)


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