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0.4.10 is out

This release fixes some long standing bugs, and provides a few enhancements.
I am busy building the parser again, so who knows, the next release might have some new features! Still a way to go before it is ready though.

Posted by Toby Zines 2008-06-24

0.4.9 is out

This release sees jdbc upload of pkg files added, and some minor bugs fixed.
One thing I have not fully addressed is package header generation, which saw a bug introduced in 0.4.7. If you need header generation, 0.4.6 is the best release (except for wrapped package style bodies, where this release will help out).

Also, I think the update site may be broken, so you will have to download the local update site zip, or the plugin zip.... read more

Posted by Toby Zines 2007-02-08

0.4.7 is out

This is a beta release that provides several bug fixes and incorporates underlying code that will support future enhancements.
Unfortunately, it appears that the update site capability is being blocked by sourceforge. I am looking into another way of supporting this. Until then, you may need to download the file (to do a local update) or the main zip file (to do the standard unzipping technique).

Posted by Toby Zines 2006-06-05

0.4.6 is out

This version fixes several of the bugs that were hanging around as the result of some major enhancements to the plugin - such as allowing users to specify headers and bodies as separate files associated to the same package, and a "better" F3 lookup capability.
There are also several enhancements and general bug fixes in this release.
For details, see the change log :)

Posted by Toby Zines 2006-03-22

0.4.5 is out

This fixes the problems of 0.4.4, while adding the functionality specified by that release.
This version should be good.

Posted by Toby Zines 2006-03-02

Don't use 0.4.4 unless you NEED the new functionality

The latest version breaks F3 lookups.
I did not discover this during the testing phase, and this is deemed core functionality.
Only bother upgrading to the next release of the plsqleditor if you require any of the NEW functionality, and can do without F3 lookup for a little while.
I am working on a fix at the moment.

Posted by Toby Zines 2006-03-01

0.4.4 is out

This allows users to specify package headers and bodies with non standard extensions, and fixes several bugs and parsing issues.
Read the change log for more :-)

Posted by Toby Zines 2006-03-01

0.4.3 is out

This fixes a major bug in version 0.4.2.
Don't use 0.4.2, 0.4.3 is better!

0.4.2 is what happens when I rush...

Posted by Toby Zines 2006-02-21

0.4.2 is out

This latest release sees lower case plsql properly parsed and highlighted, meaning that now the parser is case insensitive!
There are also formatting improvements, and the update site works properly!
If you would like to try, you can set your remote update site to and give it a go.
Otherwise, you can either continue to use the standard unzipping mechanism, or if you want to host the update site locally (at least for this release) you can use the file. This may be removed in future releases unless there is a demand for it.
See the change notes and release note for other updates :-)

Posted by Toby Zines 2006-02-21

0.4.1 is out

0.4.1 is a quick fix release, primarily to fix the error thrown when you try to do standard DML calls in 0.4.0.
It also provides a few other minor enhancements to auto completion.

Posted by Toby Zines 2006-02-11

0.4.0 is out

With the latest version, I have added Update Manager capability. This addition has caused me to bring the plsqleditor to its next evolution - 0.4.0

Plenty of minor bug fixes, and feature enhancements. Read the release notes to get the lowdown!

Posted by Toby Zines 2006-02-08

0.3.20 is out

This is essentially a fix for jdbc load code functionality.
The sqlplus client still locks up, but the standard loading will now load multi lines correctly.

Posted by Toby Zines 2006-01-18

0.3.19 is out

Lots of bug fixes!
Now supports PlDoc generation inside the editor!

Posted by Toby Zines 2006-01-12

0.3.18 is out

This provides a quick fix to the FOR .. LOOP issue, because the last "fix" wasn't a fix :-P
Meanwhile, plsqleditor now supports pkg files - PLEASE read the user_guide to figure out exactly how it works (and raise bugs if you want it to work differently).
Tell me what you think of the Outline View heirarchy too - there will be more of this in the future.

Posted by Toby Zines 2005-12-19

plsqleditor 0.3.17 is out

Hi all,
0.3.17 is out, and this sees the first cut of the schema browser, along with a few bug fixes.

When using the schema browser...
BE WARNED - if your database is big, having the schema browser open will cause the editor to be quite slow when switching projects. Only use it if you need it!

Enhancements are intended to improve this in later releases.
Your feedback is always appreciated :-)

Posted by Toby Zines 2005-12-02

0.3.16 is out - minor bug fixes only

This release fixes Fixed bug 1306379 - Error in annotate view and bug 1295164 - color not correct when carriage return after a ' in function.
Not exciting, but if you guys and gals have any small issues with this tool, I will try my hardest to fix those problems asap.

Posted by Toby Zines 2005-10-01

0.3.15 - because there was a db load bug in 0.3.14

this just fixes a bug introduced in 0.3.14

too much of a rush to get 0.3.14 out - sorry :-P

Posted by Toby Zines 2005-08-15

0.3.14 is out - you may to need migrate data!

0.3.14 is out
This release sees the inclusion of two new feature requests - keep them coming!

We now have database schema settings per project.
<b>N.B. This means that there is a change to the schema mapping files!</b>
When you upgrade, if you want to keep your old mappings, you will have to go into
your metadata directory and change the name of a file: specifically -
you have to change the <eclipse WORKSPACE directory>/.metadata/.plugins/plsqleditor/
to <eclipse WORKSPACE directory>/.metadata/.plugins/plsqleditor/<name_of_project> read more

Posted by Toby Zines 2005-08-14

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