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plptools 0.16

Released some time ago, plptools 0.16 fixes building with gcc 4.1. Also, since plptools 0.14, the KDE utilities work with KDE 3.

Posted by Reuben Thomas 2006-12-05

plptools 0.13 released

This release features build system updates to keep plptools working on newer systems. However, the KDE programs are not currently maintained, and won't work on KDE 3 or higher.

Posted by Reuben Thomas 2005-04-16

plptools-0.12 released

This is a security release.
In plptools, several formatstring exploits have been found.
The release 0.12 fixes these exploits.
In addition, some bugfixes are included:
- ncpd: Fixed ACK sequence handling in error-conditon
- kpsion: Fixed selection of files to restore
- plpbackup: Correct generation of backup-file path

Posted by Fritz Elfert 2003-02-04

plptools 0.11 released

This release adds new programs sisinstall and plpprint. plpbackup is also ready now. Finally, tons of bugs are fixed.

Posted by Fritz Elfert 2002-07-19

plptools 0.10 released

This release adds a new KDE application "Klipsi", a
remote clipboard manager. It also has several SIBO-related

Posted by Fritz Elfert 2001-07-24

plptools 0.9 released

This is mainly a maintenance release.
See release-notes for more info.

Posted by Fritz Elfert 2001-05-21

Released plptools 0.8

Version 0.8 of plptools is released.
This version fixes several NFS related bugs.
New in this version is support for KDE >= 2.1
and a KDE application "kpsion" for backup/restore.

Posted by Fritz Elfert 2001-05-17

KDE2 kioslave in CVS

A working KIOslave for KDE2 (tested with kde-2.0.1)
is now in CVS. Building KDE-related stuff is disabled
by default. So you have to run ./configure with the --enable-kde option to get this built.

Posted by Fritz Elfert 2001-02-01

New release plptools-0.7

Just released version 0.7 of plptools.
See Release notes / CHANGES for details.

Posted by Fritz Elfert 2001-01-20