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  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on ddclient

    Ping! If you let me know whether any further documentation is required, I can update the patch. It would be good to have dnsexit support in a release!

  • Committed [71c826]

    Fixed bug 7 in Sourceforge (memory leak). Also applied and checked proposed patch 2 (when renaming, put the same name as base option)

  • Committed [9793ef]

    Fixed bug 4 in Sourceforge (no thumbnails)

  • Committed [88e115]

    Some initial steps towards a Gtk+3 port

  • Committed [aa12d2]

    Fix URL in manual

  • Committed [9f4843]

    Build PDF instead of DVI version of manual

  • Committed [00ab3c]

    .gitignore: add

  • Committed [42a2ef]

    Manual: change bug reporting instructions to SourceForge

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