png driver not loaded (Windows)

Linda R
  • Linda R

    Linda R - 2010-11-19

    Okay.  Everytime I think I am getting closer I realize I may never get this to work.  This has been the most painful thing I have ever experienced. 

    I cannot get the wxwidgets plot window to work so I have decided to switch to just doing a plplot and saving it as an image.

    It can find the device drivers now it just cannot load them.  It fails on this line. 

    // If it still isn't loaded, then we're doomed.
        if ( !driver->dlhand )


    PS.  BTW.  Building PLPLOT is a work in progress.  Here is my current batch file. 

    Pull the latest source to here:


    From here:

    and here

    mkdir c:\dev\plplotlatest

    et PLPLOT_DRV_DIR=C:\dev\plplotlatest\drivers
    set PLPLOT_LIB=c:\dev\sources\plplot\data
    set PLPLOT_SRC=c:\dev\sources\plplot
    set PLWIN=C:\dev\plplotlatest

    set LIBGDDIR=C:\dev\gd-latest-win32
    set PATH=%LIBGDDIR%\bin;%PLWIN%\dll\Debug;%PATH%


    cd %PLPLOT_SRC%

    cmake "%PLPLOT_SRC%" -G "Visual Studio 9 2008" -DBUILD_TEST=ON  -DPLD_png=ON -DPLD_jpeg=ON -DPLD_gif=ON

  • Linda R

    Linda R - 2010-11-19

    Here is more information:

    C:\dev\plplotlatest\examples\c++\Debug>x20 -debug -verbose

    Plotting Options:
    < 1> wingcc     Win32 (GCC)
    < 2> ps         PostScript File (monochrome)
    < 3> psc        PostScript File (color)
    < 4> xfig       Fig file
    < 5> png        PNG file
    < 6> jpeg       JPEG file
    < 7> null       Null device
    < 8> mem        User-supplied memory device
    < 9> gif        GIF file
    <10> wxwidgets  wxWidgets Driver
    <11> wxpng      wxWidgets PNG Driver
    <12> svg        Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG 1.1)

    Enter device number or keyword (stream 1): 5
    plLoadDriver: Device not loaded!
    plLoadDriver: tag=png, drvidx=0
    plLoadDriver: Trying to load gd on gd
    Enter graphics output file name:

  • Linda R

    Linda R - 2010-11-19

    You also need to specify the following in the cmake command.


    It is now saving to png.


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