Michael Erdmann - 2013-05-01

Since i have upgraded my Ada compiler to a higher version i need to rebuild the plplot library on my OpenSuse 12.1 box. Honestly speeking from the included INSTALL and readme files i can't figure out how to rebuild plplot from the sources. It there some where an
upto date comprehensive howto build?

Specifically i am missing the confiugure and the makefile from the dist dir?!!

merdmann@askar:~/Downloads/plplot-5.9.9$ ls
abi-compliance-checker.xml.template.in CMakeLists.txt examples NEWS README scripts
ABOUT config.h.cmake FAQ OLD-README.release README.developers SERVICE
AUTHORS COPYING.LIB fonts pkgcfg README.emacs src
bindings Copyright git plplot-5.9.9.anjuta README.release ToDo
build data include plplot-c-style.el README.Release_Manager_Cookbook uncrustify.cfg
ChangeLog.release doc INSTALL plplot_test README.testing utils
cmake drivers lib PROBLEMS rpm www