wxwidgets and user input using plplot

  • bergerl

    bergerl - 2011-03-11

    In plplot sample like x01 user input using locate menu is possible. In wxplplotdemo that's is not. Can we have user input in a wxwidgets application with plplot user functions?

    Thanks for yours answer

  • Werner Smekal

    Werner Smekal - 2011-03-27

    Hi, yes you can, but you must write the functionality yourself. To understand, the wxwidgets driver encompasses a wxWidgets App, which displays the plot and takes care of the user interaction - look in drivers/wxwidgets_app.cpp e.g. in function void wxPLplotWindow::OnChar( wxKeyEvent& event ). wxplplotdemo is a small wxWidgets app, which uses the wxwidgets driver but not the app provided by the driver, therefore this locate menu functionality is not available. But since you write the app, you have full controll of user interaction, and the plplot library provides some functionality to interact, e.g. to convert world coordinates in viewport coordinates. E.g. you can write a function to zoom the plot, or move around the plot.



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