#52 WinGCC-Driver cant display plpoin with code=-1


Hi Dear Programmers,

under WinXP SP2, PlPlot 5.9.0 and Cmake 2.6 the WinGCC-Driver cant display one-pixel-points generated with plpoin and code=-1 (by the way that code No. is undocumented).With png (Gd-Device) this works.



  • Arjen Markus

    Arjen Markus - 2008-05-29

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    I am not sure whether the support in the GD device is a coincidence or not.
    What happens if you use -2 or -3? The reason I ask is that some graphical
    devices have a not quite intuitive way of handling coordinates. This is
    especially an issue with very small objects.

  • Stefan Menzel

    Stefan Menzel - 2008-05-29

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    Code values lower than -1 and more than 127 result in an error message of plpoin.
    I dont know where the problem is with the WinGCC-Driver, drawing the One-Pixel-Thick-Axis is no problem at all.
    It would be great if someone could fix that, because I dont want switch to another library because of an elementary feature like drawing Pixels.

    BTW: drawing a line with equal start and end-points doesn't work as temporary workaround...

  • Arjen Markus

    Arjen Markus - 2008-05-30

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    I quickly checked the code:
    a size parameter of -1 draws a line with the same start and end points.

    There is a comment that that might not work well on some smart devices ...

    The wingcc driver has explicit support for drawing a single pixel, so the solution
    here would be to look for zero-length lines and turn them into a single pixel.
    I will look into this.

  • Alan W. Irwin

    Alan W. Irwin - 2009-11-16
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