#650 problems with ranger interface in Stage plugin

Stage (103)

You may find this patch useful:
- it fixes everything.world so ranger definition for trickedoutplayer does not cause segfault
- it eliminates this segfault in libstageplugin code (warning is printed instead)
- it re-enables create (roomba) robots in everything world (I know bumpers are not supported yet in Stage plugin, however, using stall field of position interface can be sufficient to implement simplest behaviors for these robots)
This patch is for github master.


  • Paul Osmialowski

    • assigned_to: nobody --> rtv
    • labels: --> Stage
  • Rich Mattes

    Rich Mattes - 2011-08-27

    I did manage to get several previously removed models working in the newest version of Stage, including the bumper model. I submitted a pull request from a branch on my github fork, but the mainline branch has since diverged and I don't think my branch's diffs will apply cleanly anymore. If I get a chance I can try to rebase my changes on top of the latest git master, but I figured I'd let you know since you brought up the roomba bumpers.


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