#225 camera1394 DMA bus cleanup patch for libdc1394 v2.0

Player (393)

I am using libdc1394 2.0.0a7 and the CVS version of Player to grab frames frames from a PointGray Firefly MV use FORMAT7_MODE0.

The CVS version of the driver was not completely cleaning up on shutdown, causing me to have to restart the server after disconnecting the client, or I would get errors like this from the server upon reconnecting:

(capture.c) VIDEO1394_IOC_LISTEN_CHANNEL ioctl failed: Device or resource busy
Libdc1394 error (capture.c:dc1394_capture_setup:323): IOCTL failure : Could not setup DMA capture
warning : DMA capture failed; falling back on RAW method
error : unable to open camera in VIDE0 or RAW modes
error : unable to subscribe to camera device

This patch fixes the problem by adding a call to dc1394_camera_stop to the driver's Shutdown method, when using libdc1394 v2.0.



  • Jefferson Provost

    cvs context diffs on camera1394.cc

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    applied to CVS head, thanks

  • Brian Gerkey

    Brian Gerkey - 2007-12-12
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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