#9 Sun / Moon picture based on time at location

Output (11)

Output the sun or the moon pictures based on the local
time of the metar - not the server time, also be able to
display times as local times in the text output.


  • Anonymous - 2002-08-26
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  • Anonymous - 2002-12-03

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    Christian Prior (chrisprior) sent this file to me some time
    ago: it has a function that will calculate the sunrise and
    sunset for a location based on the latitude and longitude.

    Before we can use this in PHP Weather, then we have to
    obtain the lati- and longitude data and put it in the ICAO
    database. The data is available here:


    Having this data in our database would solve this bug in an
    elegant way, and perhaps prove usefull if someone wants to
    make clickable maps of the World with the locations marked
    by small dots or something like that...

  • Anonymous - 2002-12-03
    • summary: Sun / Moon picture --> Sun / Moon picture based on time at location
    • milestone: --> phpweather-2.x
    • labels: --> 410114
  • Anonymous - 2002-12-03

    Functions that will calculate sunrise and sunset based on longitude/latidude data.

  • Anonymous - 2002-12-28
    • assigned_to: nobody --> gimpster
  • Max Hammond

    Max Hammond - 2006-09-10
    • labels: 410114 --> Output
  • Max Hammond

    Max Hammond - 2006-09-10
    • assigned_to: gimpster --> kcornwell
    • priority: 5 --> 2

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