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PHP Weather is unmanaged

PHPWeather is currently unmanaged; the original author has moved on, and the current project admin is not currently able to spend the time on this project that it deserves. As such, don't expect support/bugfixes/advice/anything really.

If you'd like to help out, please contact sf user iridium.

Posted by Max Hammond 2006-02-26

PHP Weather 2.2.1 released

Version 2.2.1 is a bugfix release --- everybody using version 2.2.0 should upgrade, since 2.2.1 fixes several grave bugs that had crept into 2.2.0.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-02-11

PHP Weather version 2.2.0 released

After a break of over eight months we're pleased to give you PHP Weather version 2.2.0.

This release includes support for parsing TAF reports, three new languages, new icons in PNG format and various bugfixes.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-01-02

PHP Weather 2.1.0 released

PHP Weather makes it easy to show the current weather on your webpage. All you need is a local airport, that makes some special weather reports called METARs. The reports are updated once or twice an hour. This release contains five new translations (for a total of 11 translations) and fixes some bugs, including a bug that prevented the Configuration Builder from working when register_globals were turned off.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-12-30

New package: phpweather-1.x

The 'phpweather' package has been renamed 'phpweather-1.x' and a new package named 'phpweather' has been created to hold releases from version 2.0 and onwards.

If you subscribed to the old 'phpweather' package, then you'll now be subscribed to the 'phpweather-1.x' package instead. So update your subscribtion if you want information about the latest versions of PHP Weather.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-12-28

PHP Weather 1.62 released

This is a release for those of you who still has to use PHP version 3. It fixes some bugs found in the 1.61 release and adds a couple of handles to ease the configuration.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-10-04

PHP Weather 2.0.0 released

It's finally here: version 2.0.0 of PHP Weather. This isn't just an upgrade from version 1.61, it's a move to an entirely new code base. There's lots of enhancements such as a built-in list of stations around the world and a new flexible object oriented design.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-08-30

PHP Weather 1.61 released

This release adds a new and much-requested feature: images of the current weather. PHP Weather can now select an image of the sky (with clouds, rain, snow etc), an image of the wind direction and an image of the temperature.

This release also adds support for windchill, an improved configuration system and other bugfixes.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-06-29

PHPWeather 2

We're all working hard on PHPWeather 2 - code that has been knocking around in CVS for a while, but we think is nearly ready for release.

The biggest thing that will affect users is that the new code will only run on PHP4...

Other than that, there are lots of new features designed to make it easier to for developers to extend the code.

Why not check a copy out of CVS and have a look?

Max (Iridium)

Posted by Max Hammond 2002-03-24

Almost done

Now that even the 'null' database backend is able to lookup names for ICAOs, I think we're almost ready for version 2. The only thing that's still lacking is translations - the new version can only speak English at the moment.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-06-27

Getting closer...

I've been working on the version of PHP Weather - you should really try it out of CVS.

New exciting features include:

* The configurator: you can now use a script to generate a local configuration-file.

* The location of the stations can now be looked up by the script.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-05-20

Moving to SourceForge

PHP Weather is in the process of moving to SourceForge. So far CVS is working and the maillingslists have been created.
The webpage at isn't functional yet, so you should still visit to see PHP Weather in action.
I'm looking forward to see how all the services work here at SourceForge.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-03-25