Cannot connect to phpvirtualbox through web browser

  • Nick

    Nick - 2014-08-12

    Hey guys, lets get down to it. New to Linux, but I know my way around for the most part.

    Running - Ubuntu Server 14.04 on separate headless server
    What I have installed - Webmin (works), Samba, virtualbox, phpvirtualbox, ssh, apache2

    I administer the box through ssh from windows machine with putty, and am trying to install VMs to use as test servers to increase OS familiarity.

    I have followed the instructions listed below and from other sources, but this one is this most complete/simple:

    I can start an instance of virtualbox from the command line with no output, but I cannot connect through Chrome or IE to the web interface http://server/phpvirtualbox - I simply get 404 not found error.

    I can get to http://server and see the default ubuntu apache page.

    My goal is to access VMs on this server through a web browser.

  • akshunj

    akshunj - 2014-12-23

    Struggled with this issue for a couple of hours till I figured out that I had the phpvirtualbox directory in the wrong location. All the install directions I have read for this put the directory at /var/www/phpvirtualbox, except for this one ( Here's the quote that caught my eye:

    "Next, run the commands below to unzip the downloaded package

    unzip phpvirtualbox*.zip

    Next, create a root directory for phpVirtualBox.

    sudo mv phpvirtualbox-4.3-1 /var/www/html/phpvirtualbox"

    I promptly moved my directory into the html subfolder and everything started working right away. Hope this helps someone.

    --Akshun J

  • john

    john - 2016-04-05

    Thanks akshunj for your feed back to the problem just discovered i had made the same error. now all is working


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