Rob Whight - 2014-05-09


Have had a bit of a play this evening with no joy. Looking
at both your posts:
- I changed VBOXWEB_HOST to :: - didn't see any change to
any of the issues I was having
- I can get the apache2 home page up by going to - works fine
- I can get webmin up by going to - works
- My VirtualBox is installed at /var/www/vb and going to just gives me "Not Found. The requested URL
/vb was not found on this server."
- I don't have a vbox.log in /var/log/ - I do have
vboxwebservice.log though this didn't show anything untoward
(It did include a line "New SOAP thread started" - no other
references to SOAP)

I'm still of the view that this is going to be something
pretty dumb that I have done to myself.

Any particular things I should be checking first to ensure
all things are running ? I wouldn't be surprised to find I
haven't got the process running which is why it might be
difficult to connect to :-)


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Can you check the contents of /var/log/vbox.log? (i.e. cat

I suspect you'll find the last line looks something like:


Which, if true, will lead us to this dead end:

Shame, because heretofore PHPVB has been a fantastic bit
of software.

If I find a resolution I'll be sure to let you know...

"unable to connect" to phpvirtualbox - I'm just stuck

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