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$authLib = 'ActiveDirectory'

  • Skoena

    Skoena - 2014-04-13

    Adding this to config.php will give error:

    var $authLib = 'ActiveDirectory';
    var $authConfig = array(
    'host' => '', // domain controller IP
    'domain' => 'adtest.local' // active directory domain

    An unknown PHP error occurred. This is most likely a syntax error in config.php in phpVirtualBox's folder. The most common errors are an unclosed quote or a missing semicolon in a configuration item that has been entered (e.g. location, username, or password).

    Depending on your PHP configuration, navigating directly to config.php in your web browser may display the PHP error message.

    If find that this is not the case, or have no idea what this error message means, please raise the issue at

  • Ian Moore

    Ian Moore - 2015-04-04

    If you have an existing

    var $authLib = '...';

    somewhere else in config.php, please remove it before adding this one.


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