#27 Rewrite of RSS parser to use templates


... tt can now process these elements in an RDF document:
<li>channel (title, link, description)
<li>image (title,description,link,url)
<li>item (title,description,link)

<p>All other tags are ignored. Use of namespaces in the
tags will confuse things right now... as will badly a
formed RSS document.

<p>Template rssblock.tpl is used. I've supplied a very
simple version that doesnt use <font> tags. Obviouly if
you dont want descriptions to appear, just leave that
area blank in your template file.

block_options used
<li>max_items: defaults to 10
<li>target: defaults to "_self" - could could be
"_blank" etc.

<p>These block_options are not recognised anymore:
<li>link_prefix,link_postfix. I reckon they're dealt
with in the template now.

However the code has been written so that it should be
fairly easy to add a new block_option overwriting the
default tagset (eg with moreover tags). All you have to
do is supply an array to rdfparser::parse_setup()
depending on a block_option value.


  • Peter Cruickshank

    Basic template

  • Joe Stewart

    Joe Stewart - 2002-01-23
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Joe Stewart

    Joe Stewart - 2002-01-23

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    This was added to the phpslash-ft cvs January 23, 2002.


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