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CVS migrated to SVN

We will be using subversion only going forward.

Posted by Luis M 2009-01-04

Release phpslash (security fix)

After 6, solid, months from the 0.8.1 released, we present you with a bug/security fix release: psl

It's recommended that you upgrade to this release ASAP. If for some reason you can't upgrade, then a work around would be to turn on magic_quotes in your php.ini file -- be sure to test psl throughly after you do this as this might introduce other problems.

This release addresses a security issue with the function getStory(), which was subject to a form of SQL injection attack, as well as many other minor fixes. Our CVS module was restructured to include phplib and phpslash-skins, this will make future releases quicker and more throughly tested.... read more

Posted by Luis M 2006-01-16

Release phpSlash 0.8 (Finally)

Seventeen months after the last release, phpSlash 0.8 is available for download.

Summary of changes since 0.8:

Easy setup wizard.
WYSIWYG story, block, submission, and comment entry.
Story and Block Plugins, including BBCode and Wiki text.
File locations moved to be more modular.
All output is rendered through blocks.
PATH_INFO urls accepted ( index.php/section_id/19).
common caches used for more users.
user blog support.
The default skin was changed to ShankZen.... read more

Posted by Joe Stewart 2004-11-20

Announcing the release of phpSlash for eGroupware

Initial release of phpSlash module for eGroupware.

This is an experimental first release.



Posted by Joe Stewart 2004-09-22

Update Your phpslash monitor

If you've cliicked 'monitor this release' for previous versions of phpslash, due to the change in packages, you're now monitoring the 'Old Releases' package. Be sure to click on the the the monitor link for the 'Current Release' package and you'll always get a notice on new stable releases. If you're a Development kind of person, clicnk on the 'Development Release' monitor to get updates for the latest snapshots and pre-releases.

Posted by nathan hruby 2003-03-02

phpSlash 0.7 is out!

phpSlash-0.7 has finally been released! Over 2 years since the last major version was initally released, 0.7 has tons of new features and improvements. See the Notes and download links at

Posted by nathan hruby 2003-03-01

Release: phpSlash 0.7RC3

Release Name: 0.7RC3

About this release:
This is the third Release Candidate for phpSlash 0.7.
It does not introduce new features since 0.RC2, only provides
bug fixes or corrects other deficiencies.

This release has many new features and bugfixes.... read more

Posted by Joe Stewart 2003-02-14

Release: 0.7RC2

Release Name: 0.7RC2

About this release:
This is the second Release Candidate for phpSlash 0.7.
It does not introduce new features since 0.RC1, only provides
bug fixes or corrects other deficiencies.

This release has many new features and bugfixes.... read more

Posted by Joe Stewart 2003-01-25

Release: phpSlash 0.7RC1

About this release:
This release has many new features and bugfixes.

- User accounts are supported
- PHPLIB is preinstalled
- php4 sessions are used
- skin/theme support enhanced
- "ini" style configuration

Summary of changes since 0.65:
- lost password/generate new password
- Consistent date/time formatting
- Email notification of submissions and comments
- User Options
- User Groups
- Login/Logout Block
- New config system
- Generalized XML/RSS/HTML output... read more

Posted by Joe Stewart 2003-01-11

phpslash 065-final has benn released

phpslash 065 is finally our in a stable release. This release features many bugfixes, a new security and auth systems (from 062), better skin support, improved backend export with rss-1, and many other cool features.

Posted by nathan hruby 2002-05-20

phpslash 0.65-pre1

The latest version of phpslash has been released for beta testing! pre1 is not meant for production sites, but users are encouraged to play with it as it has *substanially* changed since 0.62. Many bugfixes, skins, multiple language support, better docs new auth/perm based on phplib, and it will cut a tin can like butter!

Get yours now at

Posted by nathan hruby 2002-02-25

phpSlash-0.6.2 Released!

0.6.2 has been released! This release contains several bugfixes for HTML posting and stories and Automatic pending comments. Please read the release notes and upgrade!

Posted by nathan hruby 2001-06-10

00.61 Released - Please Upgrade

phpSlash-0.61 has been released. This release fixes several bugs and a few security issues that allowed the overwriting and deltion of comments by normal users. It is suggested that all users of the 0.60 codebase upgrade ASAP.

Posted by nathan hruby 2001-03-27

phpslash-0.6 Released

This is phpslash-0.6. This release is the first official "stable" release
of the 0.6 series code. This release is the culmination of almost two
years of work modifying the 0.5 codebase (derived from Rob Malda's perl
based slash-0.2).

This release is intended for anyone interested in having a fully
templated, fast and flexible weblog on their website. This code should be
stable enough for use in light to medium load production environment.
phpSlash has not been tested under heavy load in a production environment,
if you'd like to test, please share your experiences with the list. And as always, use at your own
risk, it hasn't eaten our machines, but that doesn't mean it can't eat

Posted by nathan hruby 2001-02-23

phpslash-0.6-rc4 Released!

phpslash-rc4 has been released, please hit the notes and grab a copy today!

Posted by nathan hruby 2000-12-30

Update: Nov 17 2000

Just a quick update for those who check here but aren't list members. we're still here and doing stuff. The current CVS version is chock full of new goodies and we'll be coming out with another release soon (rc3-pre1), but if you need code right this second, go with the CVS.

I know we're a bit slow right now but Ajay, Costas, Joe and I are all really busy with our day jobs.


Posted by nathan hruby 2000-11-17

phpslash-0.6-rc2 Released!

phpslash-0.6-rc2 (Queso) has been released. This is the frst public release of the new codebase and is intended for anyone interested.

Posted by nathan hruby 2000-10-07

phpslash-0.6-rc1 Released

phpslash-0.6-rc1 has been released. current phpslash users are encouraged to try it and see what they can break (note: the upgrade script is already broken.).

Prospective phpSlash users are encouraged to wait a *little* bit longer till 0.6-FINAL comes out

Posted by nathan hruby 2000-09-16

CVS is here

Hey folks.. The CVS tree has been imported to SF. Hit the CVS link up top for instructions.

Posted by nathan hruby 2000-09-15

We're here

Hey.. We're here at SourceForge now. Soon we'll have the CVS and mailing lists migrated, so stay tuned for more info!

Posted by nathan hruby 2000-08-30

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