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PHPRtfLite 1.3.1 is out now

- added composer support
- added predefined paper formats (A3, A4, A5, letter, legal)

There are also some bug fixes included in this release.
Take a look on the github repository for more details:

Bugfixes will be made on the branch v1.3.x:
The version 1.3.1 is tagged: read more

Posted by Steffen Zeidler 2013-10-11

PHPRtfLite moves to github

PHPRtfLite has been moved to (svn import from trunk). The project has been moved to give the community the ability to get better involved in contributing to the project by forking, making pull requests, and so on.
For issues please use the issue tracker on github.

The site at will be still available for older releases. I'm not sure, if new versions will also be released at sourceforge, yet.

Posted by Steffen Zeidler 2012-03-12

PHPRtfLite 1.2 released

I happy to annouce that PHPRtfLite 1.2 has been released.

Feature list:
- images from strings
- image support for wmf (Windows Meta File)
- many bug fixes

Posted by Steffen Zeidler 2011-11-27

PHPRtfLite documentation is online now

The PHPRtfLite documentation is now online at:

Posted by Steffen Zeidler 2011-03-27

PHPRtfLite 1.1 final released

The new release includes the HTML documentation, which will be published on the internet, too, soon. I will let you know via the news board.

Changes are:
- added HTML documentation
- fixed bug 3212110
- fixed bug 3212120
- fixed bug 3212126

Posted by Steffen Zeidler 2011-03-27

PHPRtfLite 1.1 RC released

Today I'm happy to annouce the release of PHPRtfLite 1.1 RC.

Changes are:
- cells now supporting cell paddings
- you may define a different unit, for example inch instead of centimeter:
- bug fixes: 3188854, 3188892, 3188909 and 3190006

Posted by Steffen Zeidler 2011-02-27

PHPRtfLite 1.1 Beta2 released

I'm happy to annouce that I released PHPRtfLite 1.1-beta2. This will be the last beta release. At the end of February I planned to release a release candidate. In march there will be in all probability final 1.1 release.

the changes in this are following:
- fixed support of nested tables
- fixed table cell merge
- fixed setting page number start
- fixed use of tables in headers and footers
- added hyphenation... read more

Posted by Steffen Zeidler 2011-02-05

PHPRtfLite 1.1 Beta released

I worked hard on a new release for PHPRtfLite. I want to inform you that this will be most likely the last version I will release for PHPRtfLite.

For the new version release I implemented the following features:
- support for nested tables
- support for form fields (checkbox, dropdown, text field)
- support for enumerations and numberings
- creation of rtf document will be streamed so it handles huge documents or images used in the rtf document... read more

Posted by Steffen Zeidler 2011-01-22

PHPRtfLite 1.0.0 released

I'm happy to announce the 1.0 release of PHPRtfLite. The changes are as follows:

- Autoloader now validates class names for better security
- Replaced class PHPRtfLite_Note to PHPRtfLite_Footnote and PHPRtfLite_Endnote, because it's more clear and a better OO-Design
- Bugs fixed: #2971336, #2969964

Posted by Steffen Zeidler 2010-03-27

PHPRtfLite 1.0.0 RC1 released

PHPRtfLite has been rewritten for php5. Footnote and endnote support were added.

Posted by Steffen Zeidler 2010-03-12

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