PHPRtfLite 1.1 Beta released

I worked hard on a new release for PHPRtfLite. I want to inform you that this will be most likely the last version I will release for PHPRtfLite.

For the new version release I implemented the following features:
- support for nested tables
- support for form fields (checkbox, dropdown, text field)
- support for enumerations and numberings
- creation of rtf document will be streamed so it handles huge documents or images used in the rtf document

The roadmap for version 1.1 is as followed:

22th January 2011 I released PHPRtfLite-1.1 as beta
About one month after that I'll release PHPRtfLite-1.1 as RC
And if everything looks good I'll release PHPRtfLite-1.1 as stable in March.

I will take on caring about the project, try to fix bugs and maybe do implementing little enhancements if users request them, but I won't be available for implementing new features.

Posted by Steffen Zeidler 2011-01-22

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