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phpMiniAdmin v 1.8.120510 released

what's fixed?
- Undefined offset in get_rand_str
- automatic relogin on XSS error

what's new?
- added: page navigator at the bottom
- added: row counts, table sizes on the table list
- added: MIT license
- added: query history via browser's localStorage (last 32 queries remembered)
- added: if database empty - show databases
- added: after import - show tables
- changed: moved from html 4.01 to html 5
- changed: simplified settings form

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2012-05-10

phpMiniAdmin 1.7.110429 released (1ehn)

Hi there, I finally decided that it's useful to import/export database in compressed format like gzip.
So, changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.7.110429:
- added: import/export to/from gzip compressed files (.gz)

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2011-04-29

phpMiniAdmin 1.6.110426 released (5fix+2enh)

Several more fixes and Security update:

- added cross-site scripting (XSS) shield
- fixed: default charset sometimes not worked correctly
- fixed: Export broken if table names contain underscore
- fixed: Export CSV in utf8 now done with bom-mark
- fixed: added date_default_timezone_set
- added cacheing database list in session
- fixed: small fixes in export

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2011-04-26

phpMiniAdmin 1.5.091221 released (5fix+3enh)

well, I am back. I see that many people like this thing, so I decided to make it better. Look for further updates soon...

Changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.5.091221

- fixed: non-latin data issues. Now HTML pages always displayed in UTF8 and DB connection charset set to UTF8 too
- fixed: empty ("") fields displayed as NULL. Now it correctly distinguish between NULL and ""
- fixed: export fails if db name only contains numbers or "-". Added quoting for db names
- fixed: error if table name = reserved word. Added quoting for table names
- fixed: export problem with large inserts. Added "SET GLOBAL max_allowed_packet=16777216" to exported dump.sql
- added: Line highliting in table view for mouseover and for mouse click
- added: separate screen for database selection/management
- added: on show tables screen - quick links to review mysql server variables and status

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2009-12-21

phpMiniAdmin 1.4.080217 released (vulnerability fix+3enh)

changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.4.080217

- VULNERABILITY FIX - now all conents of the DB fields htmlescaped to prevent javascripts (and other XSS tricks) to run. Please let me know if someone needs an option to turn this off.
- fixed: NULL values in SQL dump was replaced by ''
- added: support of "desc TABLE" queries (suggested by Chavaranis Nikolaos)
- added: Repair function in "show tables" (suggested by Josh)
- added: in export file added final comments (so it's easy to see if export was completed fully - useful for slow servers or large DB when PHP script may timeout before the end of the export)

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2008-02-17

phpMiniAdmin 1.4.070327 released (fixes+enhancements)

changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.4.070327

- fixed: script won't able to work if short_open_tag=Off in php.ini
- added: DB export now contains extended information (version, database name, date/time)
- changed: better length tuning of extended inserts in DB export
- added: ability to export data from one table to CSV format (import from CSV to table will be implemented in next version)

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2007-03-27

phpMiniAdmin 1.4.070323 released (minor bugfix)

changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.4.070323

- fixed: on some hosting servers MySQL configured with disabled 'SHOW DATABASES' privilege and phpminiadmin wasn't able to show list of DBs and stop working.

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2007-03-23

phpMiniAdmin 1.4.070315 released (enhancements, bugfixes)

changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.4.070315

- added: ability to see DB table status via 'status' link on the top header (equal to 'SHOW TABLE STATUS')

- added: ability to select several tables to apply particular function to (Export, Drop, Truncate, Optimize)

- fixed: if select done from 2 tables that have same column names - column values displayed incorrectly

- changed: now if user click 'Logoff' - cookies with DB Settings cleared for better security

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2007-03-15

phpMiniAdmin 1.4 released (major enhancement)

changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.4.070227

- added (MAJOR): ability to put/execute multiple SQL statements into SQL-query text area.
- added: as done in usual mysqldump the following additional statements added to 'export':
- DROP TABLE IF EXISTS statements before each CREATE TABLE in (as done in usual mysqldump)
- /*!40000 ALTER TABLE `....` DISABLE KEYS */; and /*!40000 ALTER TABLE `....` DISABLE KEYS */; before and after INSERT INTO... read more

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2007-02-27

phpMiniAdmin - new features announce

I found that some hosting providers moving from phpMyAdmin to phpMiniAdmin as main solution for accessing user’s MySQL databases due to installation simplicity and 10x faster performance:
- ( they even created nice installation help )

From the forums on those hosting sites I’ve analyzed complaints about phpMiniAdmin and now I am ready to announce new features coming in nearest 1.4 version:
- ability to put multiple SQL queries in the input area and execute them correctly
- ability to import from .gz and .zip files (it’s really better to upload large DBs as zipped files, isn’t it? ;)... read more

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2007-02-16

phpMiniAdmin 1.3.070213 released (Export enhancement)

changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.3.070213

- changed: 'dump structure' and 'export data' functions now combined to one 'export' with a separate screen and ability to select what to export - DB Data and/or Structure.

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2007-02-13

phpMiniAdmin 1.3.070209 released (Import enhancement)

changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.3.070209

- added: ability to Import .sql files, i.e. now you can able to dump and import whole DBs.

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2007-02-09

phpMiniAdmin 1.3.070204 released (2 bugfixes)

Changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.3.070204

- fixed: incomplete Settings Form where Submit button do not appear doesn't allow to save DB settings.

- fixed: on big databases/tables script timeouts during 'dump database' or 'dump table'

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2007-02-04

phpMiniAdmin 1.3.061201 released (3 enhancements)

changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.3.061201
- enhancement: added ability to TRUNCATE and DROP tables directly from 'show tables' list
- enhancement: added support of switching DB charsets (see 'Settings' menu item)
- enhancement: added support of REPLACE statement
- optimized script file size to keep it small(~15Kb)

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2006-12-01

phpMiniAdmin 1.3.061126 released (bugfixes and enhancements)

changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.3.061126
- main enhancement: added Easy Settings screen automatically appeared if something wrong with connection to DB. No more need to edit php script to define connection settings (however you are still able to do this to setup default settings)

- enhancement: more convenient use of browser's Back button - now if you select database from drop-down list above and see tables you will be able to use browser's Back button without problems (changed form method to GET instead of POST)... read more

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2006-11-26

phpMiniAdmin 1.3.061115 released (bugfixes)

changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.3.061115
- fixed handling non-select queries with errors
- now non-select queries is not executed automatically when you switch between DBs (to prevent auto-execute drop or delete)
- added warning confirmation before executing delete,drop,truncate or alter SQL commands

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2006-11-15

phpMiniAdmin 1.3.061101 released (enhancements added)

The following enhancements added in phpMiniAdmin 1.3.061101 :
- show table now display quick buttons for:
- show 'create table'
- explain table (MySQL EXPLAIN format)
- show indexes for the table
- export data from the table
- added buttons for whole DB (in the header):
- 'dump structure' of the DB ('create tables')
- 'export data' from the DB ('insert into...')
- also added button for calling 'phpinfo' function for more convenient site debugging... read more

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2006-11-01

First public version Released

this verison of PHP Mini SQL Admin
- allows you quickly access to the website database: just unzip .php script, edit configuration in couple lines and upload to your site via ftp. And phpminiadmin will be ready to use.
- it has integratied access protection or you can use your .htaccess
- it support almost all SQL and MySQL statements: select, insert, update, delete, drop, truncate, show, explain and others...

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2006-10-31

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