phpMiniAdmin 1.3.061126 released (bugfixes and enhancements)

changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.3.061126
- main enhancement: added Easy Settings screen automatically appeared if something wrong with connection to DB. No more need to edit php script to define connection settings (however you are still able to do this to setup default settings)

- enhancement: more convenient use of browser's Back button - now if you select database from drop-down list above and see tables you will be able to use browser's Back button without problems (changed form method to GET instead of POST)

- fixed: no need to display Logoff if ACCESS password is not set

- fixed: PORT setting wasn't passed to mysql_connect

- also made some filesize optimizations, so script size not increased too much and it's still quite small (~15Kb)

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2006-11-26

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