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phpMiniAdmin 1.4 released (major enhancement)

changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.4.070227

- added (MAJOR): ability to put/execute multiple SQL statements into SQL-query text area.
- added: as done in usual mysqldump the following additional statements added to 'export':
- DROP TABLE IF EXISTS statements before each CREATE TABLE in (as done in usual mysqldump)
- /*!40000 ALTER TABLE `....` DISABLE KEYS */; and /*!40000 ALTER TABLE `....` DISABLE KEYS */; before and after INSERT INTO

- added: now all INSERT INTO statements in export are in 'extended' format (this decreases filesize of the result .sql file)

- added: ability to OPTIMIZE table from 'show tables' view

- fixed: backslash bug in SQL parser

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2007-02-27

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