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New 1.1.9 & 1.2.0 releases

The PHPEclipse developers are very happy to announce the release of the 1.1.9 and 1.2.0 versions of PHPEclipse.

These new releases bring several bug fixes and new functionality to PHPEclipse.

The 1.1.9 release adds XDebug support, and the 1.2.0 release adds XDebug as well, plus RSE support. Both versions sport the new PHPDoc view. This feature allows you to click in a PHP function and get the PHP manual entry for that function in it's own view.... read more

Posted by Edward Mann 2008-07-13

Forums have moved

The PHPEclipse development team has moved our forums into our trac system. This move will allow us to keep PHPEclipse related information in one site/location. It also allows easier linking with other content in trac.

To make a new post you will need to create an account you can do so by going to the following link.

We are looking forward to our 1.2.0 release and the work on 1.3.0.

Posted by Edward Mann 2008-06-09

Bug System and Source Repository

PHPEclipse bug system is now hosted at Also our code repository can be viewed there and also at

Posted by Edward Mann 2008-01-23

PHPEclipse1.1.0-2004-09-04 released

PHPeclipse is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE Framework ( with PHP, SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript editor-support; Some Features are PHP parser, debugger, code formatter, outline view, templates...
I just released PHPEclipse1.1.0-2004-09-04 for download:

Installation guide:

Posted by klaus 2004-09-04

PHPeclipse snapshot released

I released a binary snapshot of the current phpeclipse environment (PHP editor, debugger, help and sql plugin):

Posted by klaus 2004-01-21

1.0.9b for easier installation

Because of the missing "net.sourceforge.phpeclipse_1.0.9" path-prefix in the 1.0.9a ZIP download file, I created a new download file 1.0.9b.
The 1.0.9b version should be easier to install.

Posted by klaus 2003-11-16

PHPeclipse 1.0.9 alpha released

I just released the PHPeclipse 1.0.9 alpha plugin, which adds PHP support to the IDE framework.

- Smarty syntax mode for *.tpl files
- improved phpsyntax.xml file (improved help for array, string, mysql functions)
- improved templates.xml file (new smarty templates)
- improved internal parser
- "empty selection" tooltip removed
- choose encoding (please test this carefully)
- improved Ctrl+Space behaviour (thanks durel_b)... read more

Posted by klaus 2003-10-25

PHPEclipse PHP Debugger pre-beta version available

Fernando Vicente has released a very early version of a DBG based PHP Debugger for the PHPEclipse version 1.0.6a:

This version is intended for developers with experiences in php and java (eclipse) development.
Please give us feedback on our developers mailing list:
or in the developers forum:

Posted by klaus 2003-07-18

JTidy Eclipse plug-in released (alpha version)

The PHPEclipse project released an first alpha version of the JTidy plugin for the IDE.
This release is intended for developers.
At the moment this plugin is independent from the other PHP plugins.

Right mouse click on a file;
Choose "JTidy->Check MarkUp" or "JTidy->Format" to check your HTML file or to format your HTML file.
Errors are shown in the task list.
Execution is shown in a JTidy Console.
You can maintain JTidy configuration in the Eclipse Preferences.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2003-02-07

phpeclipse_1.0.5 released

I just released the plugin.
The launching plugin and phphelp plugin didn't changed
(see the phpeclipse_1.0.3preAlpha release for these plugins)

- bug fix for syntax highlighting of keywords
- added new Wizard for new php File (Menu: File->New->Other...)
- added Actions for Comment, Uncomment block (Menu:
Source->Comment in the PHP Perspective)
- added BookMark and Task actions for the editors "RulerContext"... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2003-01-08

phpeclipse_1.0.4preAlpha released

You can download the phpeclipse.core plugin here:

The is only the main plugin.
The launching plugin and phphelp plugin didn't change
(see the phpeclipse_1.0.3preAlpha release for these plugins)

- template support for *html, *xml files
- create/edit your templates in the Preferences Template Editor

Posted by Anonymous 2003-01-04

PHPEclipse 1.0.3 preAlpha released

PHPEclipse is an open-source PHP IDE. Built as an Eclipse plugin, it takes advantage of a well-designed, robust and widely used application framework.

Project Page:



Posted by Anonymous 2002-12-30

New phpeclipse 1.0.2preAlpha release

The new PHP Plugin for Eclipse release supports the following features:
- Syntax Highlighting (*.php, *.php3, *.php4 file extensions).
- Outline shows the sorted PHP function names (no class names at the moment) of the current editor
- Calls via Java's Runtime.exec() to MySQL/Apache are configurable through a Preference Page.
- Calls via Java's Runtime.exec() to an external Browser are configurable through a Preference Page.
- The Documentroot for Apache is configurable to the current workspace through the Preference Page
- The Menu to start MySQL/Apache could be activated in the menu "Window->Customize Perspective..."
- The external browser will be launched through a right mouse klick in the "Resource Perspective" on a PHP file in the navigator tree (file extensions php,php3 and php4) and choosing the menu "Open PHP Browser".
- The PHP Help is integrated in the menu "Help->Help Contents".
Note: You can add or exchange this help files with other files from,
if you modify the file in your PHPEclipse plugins home directory.
- The context help for PHP functions could be called with a right mouse click on a function name and choosing the menu "PHP Help"
- Experimental: the Control+Space and Control+Shift+Space shortcuts are very experimental at the moment.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2002-11-06

phpeclipse: prealpha release available

Our first relase is available in the download section. Thanks a lot to Klaus Hartlage, who is doing his work with a lot of effort.

Posted by Thomas Geiger 2002-10-25

New Developer

Actually phpeclipse got support from Klaus Hartlage from the german eclipse community (, he did a hack to the plugin.

thank you and welcome klaus!

Posted by Thomas Geiger 2002-10-11

Busy times

Yes, we're still alive - although we're very busy at the moment, the development hasn't stopped. Just watch out.

Posted by Thomas Geiger 2002-08-27

new developer

the project phpeclipse, which goal is to provide a plugin supporting php for eclipse ide ( has got a new developer.
future_wave (Le Borgne Cdric) contributed his plugin which already supports synthax higlighting.
a few changes are in progress, a initial releas will be available soon.

Posted by Thomas Geiger 2002-07-18

phpeclipse in planning state

phpeclipse has the goal to bring php-support to the eclipse framework. features as synthax higlighting, command-completion and preview of pages will be supported.
actually we're looking for more developers!

Posted by Thomas Geiger 2002-07-13

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