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PostgreSQL 9.0.1 & 8.4.5 Available

Updated download ready to go. Now includes the contrib modules and should be resolve the couple of reported issues with teh 9.0.0 installer.

Posted by Andy Satori 2010-10-07

PostgreSQL for Mac 9.0.0 and 8.4.4 Available

There are a couple of things to note, so read up a bit before you go installing. First of all, there is no longer multiple installations for the two versions.

  1. Everything is now in one installer. 9.0.0 is the default, but you can select the 8.4.4 version from the custom installation option.

  2. The installer now goes to the /Library/PostgreSQL folder instead of /Library/PostgreSQL8. If you would like, you can move your existing folder to that location for an upgrade, or you can leave them in place side by side. Symlinks will work too.... read more

Posted by Andy Satori 2010-09-24

Getting Current

Over the next few days, we will be getting this site caught back up with the main site. The last couple of releases have not been updated here in a timely manner, largely because the change in the File Release System on Sourceforge was causing too many headaches. That has been resolved and this will be updated.

Posted by Andy Satori 2009-11-18

Getting Current

Over the next few days, we will be getting this site caught back up with the main site. The last couple of releases have not been updated here in a timely manner, largely because the change in the File Release System on Sourceforge was causing too many headaches. That has been resolved and this will be updated.

Posted by Andy Satori 2009-11-18

8.4.0 Released

The 8.4.0 Installer has been released. Prep for migration to new installer engine underway

Posted by Andy Satori 2009-07-09

8.3.6 Released

A new PostgreSQL trunk build means a new PostgreSQL for Mac build. Some minor upgrades to the tools, specifically the Preference Pane which remains a work in progress.

Posted by Andy Satori 2009-03-06

8.3.5 Released

Incremental release bringing the core up to 8.3.5, rebuilding everything against the newer libraries and updating the installer. Also of note is that the Service Manager is no longer included, it has been replaced by a new Preference Pane found in the System Preferences.

Posted by Andy Satori 2008-11-13

8.3.4 Released.

PostgreSQL 8.3.4 has been published to both SourceForge and the sites. This release brings the server engine in sync with current PostgreSQL sources and should mark a new cycle enhancements for the Mac platform and PostgreSQL.

Posted by Andy Satori 2008-10-30

8.3.1 Released to the servers

This afternoon we released 8.3.1 to the servers. This should address the issues with the downloads on SF.NET. For detailed information about the release, goto

Posted by Andy Satori 2008-04-02

Updates for 8.3.0

With PostgreSQL 8.3 having been officially available for a couple of weeks now, we are now revving the of Mac project to 8.3 as well. Last thursday we published to the PostgreSQLforMac site, and with those updates, we have gotten some feedback. At this point, the installer seems to be working and we have heard no real issues, so without further ado, we are publishing the updates here as well. Downloads should be available today.... read more

Posted by Andy Satori 2008-03-03

8.2.5 Second Try

Apparently the initial release picked up a bad build of the client tools. That is now fixed and updated to the downloads.

Posted by Andy Satori 2007-10-11

Updated to PostgreSQL 8.2.3

The 8.2.3 release is now published. The client tools are unchanged however they have migrated to subversion and will see some updates and enhancements during the coming weeks.

Posted by Andy Satori 2007-02-12

PostgreSQL 8.1.5 Posted

Server, Client Tools and Sources all posted and migrating to the mirrors. Things should be good to go in a couple of hours.

Posted by Andy Satori 2006-10-27

Regarding the Move

Ok, the move is still going to happen, it's just going to happen in stages. For the near future, CVS will stay here while I get the issue tracking and website moved over to

I apologize for the delay, but my time has been consumed with my paying work :-(.

Posted by Andy Satori 2006-08-30

Fed up and moving..

Ok, so once again CVS is down, and has been for several days. It's time to find a better solution. With that said, we are investigating two different options, one is to move to the more PostgreSQL oriented pgfoundry, the other is to bring it in house and do it ourselves with a machine at a colocated facility. At this point a decision has not been reached, but for the next couple of weeks, some things will be in process with regards to sorting this out.

Posted by Andy Satori 2006-06-09

8.1.4 Server Package Released

Alright, the 8.1.4 package for the Server components has been posted. It is updated to resolve the SQL injection bug as well as fixed to run on Mac OS X Panther 10.3.9 is required.

Posted by Andy Satori 2006-06-01

Progress Report

Just a quick progress report.

The new automated build and release process that builds the universal release in sync with the releases is now building on both PPC and x86, now the packaging step remains to be scripted (Automator is fun but buggy). I've got a workable Syntax highlighting engine in the Query Tool and will be hacking on it to make it more complete for the next major release.... read more

Posted by Andy Satori 2006-01-05

8.1.0 Universal Build

Just to let everyone know... As of Sunday evening, I have a working Universal Build of PostgreSQL 8.1.0 running. Pending a few more tests this evening after work, I will finish up the packages and upload them.

A reminder that these builds are Tiger only. I'm working on readding Panther support next.

Posted by Andy Satori 2005-11-14

Slow few months ahead

Ok, folks, work has picked up and my personal development time is going to be seriously impacted for the next 3-4 months (unless I hit the Lottery tonight!) With that in mind, I will do my best to keep this project current, but it's going to be about 3rd down the priority list.

I just wanted to be up front about this. If someone is interested in running with it they are welcome, otherwise please be patient with me.... read more

Posted by Andy Satori 2005-08-30

8.0.3a Released

I pushed the various files for 8.0.3a to the downloads section this morning. Hopefully some of you will get a chance to test it this weekend before I rollout the SQL-Ledger update next week.

Posted by Andy Satori 2005-08-11

PostgreSQL on x86...

Alright so I ponied up for the rental... And the result is that PostgreSQL builds and runs, but right now is not passing all the regression tests. I've already started talking to the PostgreSQL devs about the issue and have started some independant research. Hope to have something soon, and as of now, I'm shooting to have an 8.0.3 or 8.0.4 universal binary packaged as part of the installer.

The downside is that will mean that 10.3.9 will be required once I make the change, so I want to get that information out there ASAP.

Posted by Andy Satori 2005-06-24

Moving forward...

Sorry about the time off there folks, my day job consumed me for a few weeks with some travel and a couple of big projects on very short timelines. Fortunately things are settling back down and I'm returning to PostgreSQL stuff. On that note, I should have access to an Intel based Mac to begin the process of getting a universal version of PostgreSQL up and running...

Posted by Andy Satori 2005-06-22

8.0.2a on Tiger

Well, after upgrading and rebuilding all of the Mac's here at Casa Dru, it appears that the 8.0.2a installer works on Tiger, known issues on Panther still present.

In the next week, I hope to post a new revision that addresses some issues and adds a new package (TBA).


Posted by Andy Satori 2005-05-02

pgCluster / pgPool Testing...

...on April 9, the Mac Mini that I purchased to help me test pgCluster & pgPool on arrived. I used the ~ $60 in donations that we have received towards the $879 that the Mini (with memory, wireless, bluetooth, mouse and keyboard). It is now set up, and is currently being used to help test the newest PostgreSQL for Mac build, 8.0.2a. Once I release that this weekend, I will install pgCluster and start testing that between the Mini and the PowerBook. If that goes well, the plan is to also add the Linux box to the cluster and see how things go. ... read more

Posted by Andy Satori 2005-04-12

PostgreSQL 8.0.2a installers in QA..

...and barring any unforeseen issues, should be available here before then end of the week.

Also expected to make it's debut is an installer for the Open Source, SQL-Ledger accounting package running on PostgreSQL.

Posted by Andy Satori 2005-04-12