the pgn4web wiki

pgn4web is a software package providing a chess games viewer for websites and blogs, including live games broadcast support; pgn4web also provides a variety of online web services, including a chess viewer and a board generator tool for adding chess games to websites and blogs without any coding; pgn4web integrates with several popular web platforms and services.

information for end users

  • End user interface: interacting with the chessboard using keyboard and mouse: shortcut keys, shortcut squares and touch gestures
  • Search tool: how to use the search tool looking for specific games
  • Engine analysis board: optional module for chess engine analysis

information for bloggers, webmasters and web developers

general implementation notes for your website, blog, forum and portal

packaged applications and online services

live games broadcast

board widget

online games viewer

  • Online games viewer: web based tool to browse games and PGN files, with graphical engine annotation functionality

chess puzzles

dynamic frame

engine analysis board

online services at the pgn4web site

The pgn4web site offers a variety of the above online services; before relying on online services provided by the pgn4web site, please read the service availability disclaimer. Please also be aware that the online services provided by the pgn4web site might use google analytics for anonymous utilization reports.

web platform integration, plugins and extensions

Integration guidelines for popular blog, forum and portal platforms:

Most popular platforms for chess applications highlighted in bold.

application examples and HTML templates

Examples and HTML templates: application examples and HTML templates

other supporting info


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