Online services availability

Service availability disclaimer

The pgn4web site offers online services, including:

Please be aware that these services are intended for chess enthusiasts to easily add chess games with a dynamic chessboard to their personal blogs and websites.

The pgn4web online services are provided on a best effort basis with no guarantee of future availability.

Use on a professional site

If you publish chess games as part of a professional site and need continued server availability and high network performance, you are strongly recommended to evaluate the code from the pgn4web site and install the tools on your own servers.

In order to install the pgn4web online services on your own server, simply get the latest package from the downloads link of the pgn4web site and unzip the content on a folder of your server; then browse to the pages you just copied on your server that correspond to the chosen online service. For instance, for the board generator tool browse to the board-generator.html page or for the chess puzzler browse to the puzzler.php page.

Service availability report

pgn4web online services status courtesy of site24x7


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