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Please welcome "PeerGuardian Linux 2.3.1"!

Containing a lot of maintenance and a fix for messed up iptables. Let's hope it will soon be succeeded by a new version with the more important stuff.

Posted by jre-phoenix 2015-11-17

Please welcome "PeerGuardian Linux 2.3.0"!

One year, really? We're still alive and even have some plans for the future. The current release contains mainly old changes that accumulated the whole last year.

The default blocklist setup changed to a lighter one with Bluetack lists:
TBG has been dropped because it isn't updated on iblocklist anymore. Search the web to learn how to continue to get them. Instead we are back to some Bluetack lists, although probably with a less paranoid selection. Everybody is strongly encouraged to do his own research on the quality of the several blocklist providers. Then you can select the correct blocklists based on your own personal needs. Comments welcome!... read more

Posted by jre-phoenix 2015-01-25

Please welcome "PeerGuardian Linux 2.2.4"!

Fix for pglgui port whitelisting issues in OpenSuse.

peerguardian now is in Mageia Cauldron! Thanks, and I'd like to collaborate more with them!

Posted by jre-phoenix 2014-01-27

Please welcome "PeerGuardian Linux 2.2.3"!

After nearly an year of development we are proud and glad to offer a new release of pgl. This version has native systemd integration, better local blocklist support, an overhauled pglgui and a lot of bugfixes.

Posted by jre-phoenix 2013-10-31

Please welcome "PeerGuardian Linux 2.2.2"!

This is mainly a bug fix release.

As some of you may have noticed, this project here at sourceforge has migrated to the new SourceForge 2.0 allura. Please update your links and URLs, e.g. of the git repository.

Posted by jre-phoenix 2012-11-13 Labels: pgl 2.2.2 released

"PeerGuardian Linux 2.2.1" released

Please welcome "PeerGuardian Linux 2.2.1"!

This version adds the last feature only present in mobloquer, but not in pglgui: "whois information about blocked IPs".

Since I also fixed or workarounded all issues with older Debian and Ubuntu versions I added transitional packages for the old moblock/blockcontrol/mobloquer packages. This means the Debian/Ubuntu world now moves to pgl automatically. (Except the 2008 Ubuntu Long Term Release Hardy which I think is ok to be left behind forever ;P )... read more

Posted by jre-phoenix 2012-06-25

PeerGuardian Linux 2.2.0 The autotools releas

After some quiet time, it was time to get back to you once again. Please welcome "PeerGuardian Linux 2.2.0 The autotools release"!

Headliner news:
* our new Gentoo maintainer hasufell added a real buildsystem (GNU autotools)
* renamed pgl-gui to pglgui
* new features for pglgui and several fixes

Complete ChangeLog:
* added autotools support

* overall code refactor to the gui
* fixed issues with finding graphical su
* added 2 new actions for viewing pgld and pglcmd log files.
- added new widget to allow viewing and filtering information on files.
* added error dialog... read more

Posted by jre-phoenix 2012-06-16

Goodbye PhoenixLabs, Welcome PeerGuardian

Just to make it official: Our old home is not active any more. So the only official place is here at sourceforge now:

We are working on enabling and reworking more features here. Participation in any form is always welcome. This is an open project working on free and open source. Just use the Trackers and Forums here to get in contact.

About PeerGuardian:
PeerGuardian is a privacy oriented firewall application. It blocks connections to and from hosts specified in huge blocklists (thousands or millions of IP ranges). Its origins lie in targeting aggressive IPs while you use P2P.... read more

Posted by jre-phoenix 2012-06-16

PeerGuardian Linux 2.1.3

Let's go on with pgl 2.1.3.

Several fixes, mainly for cross distro support.

pgl 2.1.3

* added "+" to default nice values (+0 for pgld). Fixes problems with
Redhat's init functions.
* Makefile fixes:
- keep default setting "use builtin LSB init functions".
- replaced pkg-config with CFLAGS (containing the previous) in
- reordered recipes to build with option "as-needed".
Fixes building in Ubuntu oneiric.
* impoved output of show_config to show the version of the LSB init
functions.... read more

Posted by jre-phoenix 2011-09-17

PeerGuardian Linux 2.1.2

And here we are again: pgl 2.1.2

Most important it fixes the
cannot-whitelist-temporarily-while-using-kdesudo bug.

The complete ChangeLog:

pgl 2.1.2

* pgld/Makefile: moved LDFLAGS to end of rule. This should solve some
issues with newer gcc versions
* pgl-gui: swapped the restart and reload icons
* documentation updates

* fixed blank blocklist items, if blocklist is not from
* fixed temporary allowing with right-click in the log window
kdesudo only accepts one command as argument, so execute all commands
through the tmp script.
* allow to specify the maximum log size (default 512 lines)
* reduced window's minimum width and height.
* removed unused mobloquer code
* minor fixes

Posted by jre-phoenix 2011-08-23

PeerGuardian 2.0 Beta6

Many new features, improvements, and fixes

Posted by Cory Nelson 2005-07-08

PeerGuardian 2.0 Beta3

This release fixes many of the outstanding bugs from Beta2, and adds list exporting and full connection logging.

Posted by Cory Nelson 2005-03-06