"PeerGuardian Linux 2.2.1" released

Please welcome "PeerGuardian Linux 2.2.1"!

This version adds the last feature only present in mobloquer, but not in pglgui: "whois information about blocked IPs".

Since I also fixed or workarounded all issues with older Debian and Ubuntu versions I added transitional packages for the old moblock/blockcontrol/mobloquer packages. This means the Debian/Ubuntu world now moves to pgl automatically. (Except the 2008 Ubuntu Long Term Release Hardy which I think is ok to be left behind forever ;P )

Get "pgl 2.2.1" at https://sourceforge.net/projects/peerguardian/files/PeerGuardian%20Linux/

The development code is in the git repository at sourceforge, see https://sourceforge.net/scm/?type=git&group_id=131687

Complete 2.2.1 ChangeLog:

* Disabled dbus closing and reopening on reload.
Fixes bug "pgld binaries built under Ubuntu Oneiric, Precise
and Mint 12 crash on reload" (Closes: SF Bug #3495654)
* fixed Makefile clean target

* Fixed log viewer dialog to not close on key press.
* Added whois action.
* Minor tweaks.
* Fixed (random) unapplied changes at start-up bug.
* Added sortable columns in whitelist view.
* Added automatic saving and restoring of window's state.

Posted by jre-phoenix 2012-06-25