#255 PG2 not on taskbar / tray


I got a new Windows Vista PC and I have PG2 set to start on boot. I can see PG2 in the task manager list of processes but there is no icon in the system tray and I do not visually see PG2 starting - so I cannot see anything in the task bar. I tried killing the process and restarting PG2. But still have no visible window.

This happens 99% of the time. On the other 1% of time, it starts, I can see the window, minimize it and also see the icon in the task bar.


  • 怪手

    怪手 - 2007-11-15

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    I have the same problem under Windows XP pro 2.
    It seems PG2 conflict with ANTIVIR PE & OS.

  • 怪手

    怪手 - 2007-11-15

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    My OS: Windows XP pro SP2.
    AntiVirus program: Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic(AntiVir PE).

  • 怪手

    怪手 - 2007-11-15

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    I am sorry for the mistake that my PG2 is beta version not alpha.
    It seems OK now.

  • pavsid

    pavsid - 2008-01-12

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    I am having this problem in Vista 32bit using PG2 RC1. PG2 will seems to start with windows but the system tray icon does not appear. The process is running but i want to make sure that it is running properly. Is there a fix for this or is there a way to check that PG2 is blocking IPs?

    If i try to start PG2 by opening the program again then another process will start but no splash screen or icon still.

    All settings are correct:-

    Start with Windows - yes
    Always start hidden - No
    Show Splash - Yes
    Always hide tray icon - No
    Hide window on close - Yes

    Any help appreciated.

  • jre-phoenix

    jre-phoenix - 2010-04-07

    In an effort to make this tracker usable again, this report is closed.

    If this report relates to the PeerGuardian Windows application, you
    may try PeerBlock instead: http://www.peerblock.com.

    If this report relates to an IP that is blocked or not blocked: The
    blocklists are maintained by http://www.bluetack.co.uk and

    If this report is about failed blocklist downloads. Check out
    http://iblocklist.com, this site offers reliable downloads of all


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