David Mertens Derek Lamb Xavier Calbet

The "Getting Started with PDL" is a wikibook to get you up and running with PDL in no time. Soon you will be performing numerical calculations and plots easily.

The Contents of "Getting Started with PDL" are:

  1. [The_power_of_PDL]
  2. [Installing_PDL_the_quick_and_easy_way]
  3. [Installing_PDL_Manually]
  4. [The_PDL_environment]
  5. [Reading_and_writing_data]
  6. 2-D Plotting
  7. [Introduction_to_PDL_Threading]
  8. Signal Processing.
  9. Surface and Contour Plotting
  10. Image processing
  11. 3-D_Plotting
  12. PDL::PP Basics: [Using_Inline::Pdlpp]
  13. Mapping
  14. Plotting Irregularly-Gridded Data.
  15. [Animation_with_SDL]
  16. Programming in PDL.
  17. Manipulating Data.
  18. Creating a GUI interface with Perl/Tk.
  19. Where to go from here.


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