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Happy news and some changes.

Well i know that the development have been slow on Pawn for a big while. But its not dead. No, no. As the main developer i have been busy talking whith several MEPs in the EU parlament. The goal was ofcource to remove the Software patent law. And we did it. So today is a big victory.

Had the law been acceptet then Pawn had to be reconstructed from the ground up. All because of the hevy use of XML code.
Anyway the danger of the upcomming law have let me had some time to think it all over. I have decided to make some development changes to the code. The changes will make the overall process faster and less buggy (i hope).... read more

Posted by Magnus Grander 2005-07-06

Pawn goes into phase 2

After several delays in the development because of a move. The work starts again. Now in a new more fun phase. Next version will be a fully distribution, ready to be installed from a CD.

The dist will be built around Slackware to make it so small and customizable as possible. This will make a drawback for the users on one point. It will be rather hard to a beginner to install it. But this will be corrected hopefully in the next version.... read more

Posted by Magnus Grander 2005-04-04

New fresh homepage

Finaly it is here. A new fresh homepage whith a good design. Please feel free to visit:

many thanks to zonezero that sponsors the Pawn project whith there server space.

Posted by Magnus Grander 2005-02-03

Swedish Linux Magazine writes about Pawn

The Swedish Linux Magazine (IDG) writes about the Open Pawn Project in the first issue this year. Wow what a wonderful start of the new year.

Happy New Year

Posted by Magnus Grander 2005-01-06

Pawn 0.3.1 is released

Plenty of changes in this realease. Built in an automatic help system (Pawnhelp). The installation is improved. Now just run two shell scripts and everything will be installed.
A small additional window manager is included that handles the automatic closing of windows (addwm).
New improved graphics (thanks to Joshua Warren). And some bug fixes.

Posted by Magnus Grander 2004-12-19

New information

The Pawn homepage have been updated whith a Presentation of Pawn 0.4. A new mini howto is also created. So now you all can create all kind of software for it.


Do you want to join the team then mail me:

Posted by Magnus Grander 2004-11-28

Key people needed (C++ developer)

Do you like to code in C++. And do u feel that you can contribute to one of the most exciting projects. Well then have a look here..

Customized Webbrowser.
Change the code in Firefox or other browser so no dropdown menus or icons is visible. Remove all other tools, such as the bookmarks handler. The browser should be fully controled throught the console.

We also need someone that builds an PDF viewer. Whith the sam requirements as above. A software that can be build around is for exmple XPDF.... read more

Posted by Magnus Grander 2004-11-09

Zone Zero sponsors Pawn

Zone Zero have decided to sponsor the Pawn project whith design, coding and hosting of a dynamic homepage. The homepage will be written in PHP and use the opensource database MySQL.

The staff thanks Zone Zero for all the help.

Posted by Magnus Grander 2004-10-11

FMLS - Helps the Pawn project.

The Swedish Association for Persons with Difficulties in Reading and Writing/Dyslexia - FMLS

FMLS has as its goal to actively support those who have learning disabilities in these areas as well as to safeguard and monitor their interests.

The Association is formed by poeple with difficulties in reading and writing
/ dyslexia themselves and is organised into about a hundred local chapters and county divisions. FMLS has currently 6.000 members. The main purpose is self-help and support. Information, meetings,
conferences, courses and social gatherings are common activities. Some chapters organize family-camps and youth activities. FMLS as organisation is acknowledged as a handicap organisation in Sweden. This means, for example, that governmental suggestions and investigations concerning dyslexia a.s.o. is referred to the FMLS for consideration.... read more

Posted by Magnus Grander 2004-10-08

Pawn 0.4

The development of version 0.4 has already started. Here are a small list of what is planned.

* A total rewrite of the Engine
* XML::Twig (used as the mainframe)
* Every configuration file and setting. All written and generated in simple XML.
* Searchable filesystem (A working layer on top of any Linux/Unix filesystem. This is a function that was removed in the 'comming' Longhorn.

Posted by Magnus Grander 2004-09-23

Pawn 0.3

Version 0.3 of the Pawn is released. Feel free to download it. Observe that this version is under hevy development. But it will give you a little taste of what will come.

Posted by Magnus Grander 2004-09-23