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Read Me


See OWFS (

This is OWFS -- the one-wire filesystem.
1-Wire is a data protocol stat allows simple connections to
clever chips. The chips are uniquely addressed, and have a
variety of types, including temperature and voltage sensors,
switches, memory and clocks.

The base functionality is in the owlib library. It includes adapter
interface, chip interface, caching, statistics, inumeration and
command line processing.

owfs is the filesystem portion of the package. It depends on fuse:
Basically, fuse ( exposes filesystem calls
in the appropriate directory to this program. This program then
calls owlib to query and modify the 1-wire bus.

owhttpd is a simple webserver exposing owlib. It does not need a kernel
module and will probably run on a greater platform variety.

owtcl, owphp, owperl, owpython are language bindings using the same
backend and naming scheme as owfs

owserver is a generic backend. It can be remote, and shared by several
front ends.

Your contribution is welcome.


If you pulled from the cvs:
  make install
  /opt/owfs/bin/owfs -d /dev/ttyS0 /mnt/1wire (for example)
If you downloaded the source package:
  make install
  /opt/owfs/bin/owfs -d /dev/ttyS0 /mnt/1wire (for example)
  For more information: