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Human-readable aliases

You can now add nicer names for 1-wire slaves. These work in all places the standard unique IDs would work. A full explanation is at: http://owfs.org/index.php?page=aliases

Posted by Paul Alfille 2009-04-25

HA7E bus master now supported

With help from Michael Markstaller, a new bus master, the HA7E (and HA7S) is not directly supported by owfs. It is a serial adapter from Embedded Data Systems.

Posted by Paul Alfille 2008-12-21

HA7Net discovery

The HA7Net networked bus master (Embedded Systems) can now be found on the network with it's multicast protocol. The makes configuration easier.

Posted by Paul Alfille 2008-11-27

C# support

George M. Zouganelis has added C# (.NET) support to OWFS. It works through owserver (an ownet-type program).

Posted by Paul Alfille 2008-01-15

OWTAP -- owserver protocol inspector

This is for developers and debugging: owtap

You run owtap between any client and owserver. It shows the messages on screen as well as passes them transparently back and forth.

OWTAP knows the details of the owserver protocol, including message types, keep-alive and persistent connections, and formats, temperature scales, etc.

Best of all, owtap is very easy to run. It's a single file -- tcl/Tk script. There is even a pre-compiled Windows version.

Posted by Paul Alfille 2007-08-20

4304 is the IANA official owserver port

Port 4304 is now assigned officially as the "well known port" for owserver connections. We'll modify owserver and related programs to search there by default if no other port is specified.

Posted by Paul Alfille 2007-01-28

First Windows release

Release 2.5p5 has Windows executables. USB and serial supported. Uses Cygwin to compile the unix-style code under windows.

Posted by Paul Alfille 2006-10-23

owftpd can write!

The FTP server, owftpd, was based on an anonymous read-only code. We've just added write capability. About time, no?

Posted by Paul Alfille 2006-10-01

owshell programs

How do you get data from owserver? You used to have to run a big program like owfs, owhttpd or owftpd. Now the owshell programs can quickly connect, ask a single question, and exit. Great for shell scripts. Includes owdir, owread, owwrite, and owpresent.

Posted by Paul Alfille 2006-10-01

Bonjour (zeroconf) support

OWFS can now be configured much easier. owserver, owhttpd and owftpd all announce themselves to programs that know how to look (konqueror, avahi, Apple's Safari, ....)
Also, all the OWFS programs can find owservers by themselves. You don't need to specify port numbers.

Posted by Paul Alfille 2006-09-13

Barometer (Pressure) support

Support for the TAI8570 from AAG Electronica. Version 2.4p6

Posted by Paul Alfille 2006-07-27

FreeBSD support

Thanks to the extensive work of Robert Nilsson, FreeBSD compiles and works. This includes USB, FUSE and network testing. Version 2.4p5

Posted by Paul Alfille 2006-07-25

HA7Net support

Start of support for the ethernet-adapter (standalone server) from Embedded Data Systems called the HA7. See http://www.ha7.net

Posted by Paul Alfille 2006-07-14

2.4 includes i2c adapters

The DS2482-100 and DS2482-800 smbus adapters are now supported as 1-wire bus master alternatives (serial, USB and network adapters already supported).

Posted by Paul Alfille 2006-06-07

2.3 Fixed Hub problem

New release, 2.3 -- many minor fixes, but the major one is that DS2409 hubs are beautifully supported.

Posted by Paul Alfille 2006-04-21

New release: 2.2

Finally created a new release. This one has si9nificant improvements over 2.1, including LINK and Link-Hub-E adapter support.

Posted by Paul Alfille 2006-02-04

Link-Hub-E support

The Link-Hub-E is now supported by OWFS. This is a 1-wire adapter accessible over ethernet. It uses the LINK protocol and is manufactured by iButtonLink (http://ibuttonlink.com)

Posted by Paul Alfille 2006-02-02

Macintosh support

Ross Cathriner has built Mac OSX binaries of owhttpd and owserver. He also has some scripts and web applications for working with 1-wire weather stations.

Extensive instructions in the wiki ( http://owfs.sf.net/wiki )

Posted by Paul Alfille 2005-11-13


Added a wiki for documentation. Open to everyone. http://owfs.sf.net/wiki

Posted by Paul Alfille 2005-10-07

Damn Small

Installation woes? Try this!

Added a packaged solution: Damn Small Linux (http://damnsmalllinux.org) is a 50MB linux distribution that runs off a CD. owfs.uci installs owfs, owserver, owhttpd, fuse, libusb seamlessly.

Posted by Paul Alfille 2005-08-26

ECLO adapter

ECLO's USB/serial adapter has been tested and works with OWFS. see http://www.eclo.pt

Posted by Paul Alfille 2005-06-10

New Release

2.1 release consolidates a lot of incremental work.

Architecture: client server and multiple busses
Language: perl, python, php, tcl
Chips: numerous
Statistics: expanded

Posted by Paul Alfille 2005-04-07

DS2413 and DS1977 support

Added support for a password-protected memory iButton (DS1977) and a dual channel switch (DS2413).

Posted by Paul Alfille 2005-04-03

Multiple adapters

More than one 1-wire adapter can be used at the same time by any of the OWFS programs. You can look at the busses individually, or all together.

This allows separating the physical and logical connections. The aadpters can even be on remote machines.

Posted by Paul Alfille 2005-03-31

embedded projects

Thanks to Christian Magnusson, OWFS works on embedded platforms. Specifically Motorola coldfire and MIPS. The uClibc is used instead of glibc. (If you don't know what this means, don't worry).

Posted by Paul Alfille 2005-01-08

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