Migration for PHP5

  • ALF

    ALF - 2005-06-30

    Do you have any idea when are you going  to migrate the OPT system to PHP5 with MySQL4? Because  in the web site of my company is hosted in third person server with these configurations, with a lot of efford  I installed the system there, but I received an huge amount of bugs..Could you please inform us when or if are threre any solution available in the communite       or even if l need another host server system, or if we need to wait to another version of the Opt system. 

    thank you very much for your time, and we are anxiuos waiting   for your valuable information.

    • Martin Vernooij

      Martin Vernooij - 2005-07-01

      There are no definite plans, however there is some news that you might like.

      Because I will switch between hosting providers, I will have to move the demo site to a MySQL 4 environment. And as such, I guess I do need to make some time available to fix the issues that will show up. Although during some early testing, the new demo site did not crash ;-O

      I will stay with PHP4 though, but I have more and more plans to rewrite big parts of OPT, to introduce a much more object oriented functionality. Which should please the PHP5 adicts.... But right now, I just don't have enough time to do all the things I need to do, let alone do the things I want to do.



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