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New Release OPT Max 1.2.7

Today I released a new version of OPT (1.2.7), which fixes the security issue and adds support for MySql 4 & 5.

Some other enhancements are implemented at the same time. Please see the release notes for all details.

Enjoy, Martin

Posted by Martin Vernooij 2006-09-10

Security vulnerability in urights.php

Today, August 18, 2006, the server running the demo OPT site has been hacked due to a vulnerability in include/urights.php.

The demo site is currently off-line till this has been fixed. For those running OPT on a public webserver, please take immediate action to protect your server.


Posted by Martin Vernooij 2006-08-18

OPT Max release 1.2.0

I've released a new version of OPT Max. As always, you can test out the
latest OPT Max version at my test site: http://www.guydavis.ca/opt/

Current users of 1.1.0 can upgrade quickly and easily through OPT's
Upgrade Manager feature. See the Admin | Upgrade menu item on your OPT

I've also placed a full tarball on the SourceForge project site for
anyone installing from scratch. Please see the README in the tarball
for directions on installing.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-19

OPT Max Demo Site available

With the recent release of OPT Max 1.1.0, I've updated the demo site at:


If you're interested in OPT Max, but want to try it out first, please use this demo site. For more information about OPT Max, please take a look through the mailing list archives or send me questions.

Guy Davis

Posted by Anonymous 2003-09-13

Wiki page and Windows support

The OPT Wiki page has been set up - and we intend to use that as the most current OPT information source, so do check it often -- and contribute! The site is http://opt.lanifex.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OutreachProjectTool

Another worthy news is that OPT has experimental Windows support - you may find out more on the Wiki - so please try it and let us know if and how it worked!

Posted by Bogdan Stancescu 2002-08-31

First real OPT plugin released -- Gantt Charts available!

Mr. Tony Bierman <BiermanA@usa.net> released the first OPT plugin ever! The plugin uses the data in the OPT database defining task start and end dates and generates per-project graphical Gantt charts based on them!

Future plans include using task dependency to improve graph accuracy and per-person Gantt charts.

The plugin uses parts of the JPGraph library and needs PHP compiled --with-gd and TTF fonts installed.

Posted by Bogdan Stancescu 2002-03-14

OPT Mailing List Set Up

We've set up a mailing list for OPT - whoever's actively interested in this project, please subscribe to the mailing list and let's start using it.

The obvious advantage is that mailing lists tend to push the data instead of waiting for people to pull it (from the site), so there are better chances for a fast response.

Oh, and please don't avoid subscribing just because of the high number of e-mails you're going to receive - I'm currently the only subscriber and I tend not to send messages to myself :-)... read more

Posted by Bogdan Stancescu 2002-02-08

Upgrade Manager released

The OPT Upgrade Manager was released along with the new 0.92 beta version. We are very excited about it because it will allow OPT administrators to easily keep their OPT servers updated to the last version, with no need to periodically check for upgrades.

A lot of minor bugs are fixed in just a couple of hours after being reported, but we don't expect people to be surfing sourceforge all day long in order to find OPT bug fixes. This delays bug fixing on your machine, because we had to wait for a reasonable number of bugs to be fixed before releasing a new version.... read more

Posted by Bogdan Stancescu 2002-02-04

Minor, minor fix

The installation page missed a few words in the installation instructions - please read the release notes (the errata) for extra info if you installed OPT and it issues frequent MySQL errors.

Posted by Bogdan Stancescu 2002-01-26

The First Outreach Customer Project Tool Release!

OPT is a PHP general-purpose virtual commonplace for customers and developers to collaborate in developing projects - the system provides documents archive, e-mail archive, request tracker, task management, knowledge base, news administration, newsletter support and a lot of other features - some project-based, some system-based.

This is a stable release, tested for more than eight months on a production machine with real customers.... read more

Posted by Bogdan Stancescu 2002-01-25