#3 BUGS!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

Mac (2)

I am running OSW on OSX.
I get an error (e.g. Error: could note make transform of type
note::PlayScore) periodically when trying to create
transforms. Not only that but soumetimes if I click on a
button, mainly the output, the program will freeze. It is also
frustrating trying to select transforms, as sometimes they
refuse to be selected or produce a wire to connect to other
transforms. I am ripping my hair out!!! AHHHH!!!! Please



  • Amar Chaudhary

    Amar Chaudhary - 2005-04-02
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  • i9natz

    i9natz - 2005-07-03

    Logged In: YES

    I have the same problems. The interface is also very heavy
    to move objects around. I am using Mac PowerBook G4/400 with
    768 Ram and Tiger 10.4.1
    OSW: can we get answers to this or is there a
    troubleshooting page somewhere? Have you noticed these
    problems? Are you working on it?
    This remembers me Netscape. No way to get to them when you
    have a problem. No posts, no answers.

  • Amar Chaudhary

    Amar Chaudhary - 2005-07-06
    • labels: --> Mac
  • Amar Chaudhary

    Amar Chaudhary - 2005-07-06

    Logged In: YES

    Sheesh, you Mac users are such kvetches ;)

    With the information provided, I have not been able to reproduce the
    described issues in 1.2.7 (though I will admit the UI is still a little sluggish
    in comparison to the Windows and Linux versions). Please try to describe
    an exact scenario that causes each of the problems to occur (i.e., i load
    this, then press this, etc.). We certainly do our best to fix any problems
    that we can reproduce in house.


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