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Oscailt version 3.6.2 released

This minor version of Oscailt has been released to fix a problem with versions of MySQL 5.x where there were problems with database inserts for TINYINIT column with empty strings or null values. This may have caused problems with all earlier versions with these version of MySQL.

There are a few other additional features added. Please see the release notes for futher details.

Posted by Terence 2017-10-08 Labels: 3.6.2

Oscailt version 3.6.1 released

Oscailt version 3.6.1 released

It seems version 3.6 had two syntax errors in the code and this has now been fixed with this 3.6.1 release of Oscailt. There are a few other changes such as making the codebase compatible with php 5.4 onwards, update to the administration object listing pages to display the last update time of an object and new buttons in the publish form for the Oscailt image macro.

In this release cvs revision tags have now been added to most of the code base so as to help track files in any releases from this point onwards.... read more

Posted by Terence 2017-06-07 Labels: 3.6.1

Problem with Oscailt 3.6 release file.

It has been brought to our attention that the original Oscailt 3.6 release file oscailt36.zip from March 2016 had a problem with it and would not unzip.

The original file has been uploaded again to SourceForge and downloaded again to ensure it unzips correctly. This has now been confirmed to be working correctly. Therefore you can go ahead and download Oscailt 3.6.

If you have previously downloaded the file prior to today, then please try again.

Posted by Terence 2016-04-20

Oscailt version 3.6 released

Oscailt version 3.6 released

This long awaited version was orginally planned to be released in 2014 and has now been released with a few further changes and fixes added in the meantime. In this release the main new features are addition of a facility to email out pending events to an email list, a new option to add a slide panel to the features newswire, ability for users to edit their comments for a short period after publication, introduction of custom tags in publish to get around issues with HTML editors and a host of other minor updates and fixes.... read more

Posted by Terence 2016-03-20

Oscailt User Guide version 1.0 Released

After several years in the making the first official version of a User Guide for Oscailt has been released and is available for download.

It is contained in a single zip file which can be simply put on your harddisk and unzipped and it contains a table of contents html file and the contents html file. All the images are in a separate images directory. Simply click on the Oscailt_3x_UserGuide_toc.html file and it should load automatically into your default browser.... read more

Posted by Terence 2012-11-28

Oscailt version 3.5 Released

Oscailt version 3.5 released

This release continues the trend of previous releases of adding more features to Oscailt and improving its language support. The full feature set can be found in the file documentation/oscailt_3x_features.html

As for all releases since version 3.0, there is a comprehensive upgrade guide for those upgrading, found in the upgrades/upgrade-3-05 directory and for new users there is the full install script with instructions in the main README.txt file.... read more

Posted by Terence 2012-01-01

Oscailt version 3.4 Released

This release has been in development since June of 2009 and had been planned for release earlier this year so as to try avoid the long gaps between releases. As with the previous three releases a comprehensive upgrade guide for those upgrading, can be found in the upgrades/upgrade-3-04 directory and for new users there is the full install script with instructions in the main README.txt file.

There are a number of new features and other improvements which hopefully prove to be useful and in summary they are:... read more

Posted by Terence 2010-08-17

Embedded Flash Audio Player v1.0

Version 1.0 of the Oscailt embedded flash audio player has been released. This is a branch of the Fabricio Zuardi XSPF embedded flash audio player and has some modifications applied to it to enhance its useability.

Oscailt 3.3 onwards was updated to generate the embedded HTML for this player.

This release is shipped with the associated ActionScript source code and is under the same license agreement as per Fabricio Zuardi.... read more

Posted by Terence 2010-08-16

Oscailt version 3.3 Released

After months of preparation, Oscailt 3.3 has now been released and adds yet more features and improvements since version 3.2 was released back in July last year (2008). The cumulative changes of the three releases since 3.0 has greatly improved the useability of Oscailt through a steady process of evolution of the existing functionality.

As part of this release, the Oscailt features document (oscailt_3x_features.html) has been updated and provided along with the design documentation because previously there was no comprehensive list of what Oscailt can do.... read more

Posted by Terence 2009-04-30

Oscailt version 3.2 Released

Oscailt 3.2 has been released and adds a number of new features and improvements since version 3.1 was released back in Feb earlier this year (2008).

The main theme in this release has been some improvements in multi language support, extra logging info and more extensive support for embedded video and audio.

A summary of the main updates in this release are:
1) Support for publishing multiple embedded videos and audios. These are treated as proper Oscailt attachments now
2) Support to add an embedded audio player to play embedded audio (.mp3 files)
3) Updates of search and events pages to allow more text to be translated.
4) Updates to display text of months and weekdays in multiple languages
5) Bugfix for handling display of ISO-8859-1 characters in translated layout pages and menus
6) Allow event start time to be specified during event publishing
7) New text based numerical captcha for publish form
8) New feature to display system installation info
9) New feature to generate an install log during a full installation
10) New feature to display editorial locks in Oscailt message screen
11) New feature to allow scheduled posting of reminder messages to the Oscailt message screen.
12) New feature to allow directory like entries to two levels in friendly URLs for document objects
13) Updated general user level reporting messages
14) Major update to fix lost session bugs in previous release... read more

Posted by Terence 2008-07-27

Oscailt design documentation 1.0 released

The design documentation for Oscailt 3.x has now been released. This consists of a set of html and jpg image files that describe the internal design of the Oscailt 3.x software.

This release labeled Doc v1.0 is the first release of the design documentation which is now stored in the Oscailt cvs tree. The information should help those who want to understand the code and make changes to it. It will also be of value to those interested in the translation of their Oscailt site(s).

Posted by Terence 2008-06-07

Oscailt version 3.1 Released

At long last Oscailt 3.1 has now been released after a significant number of improvements and bugfixes have been made to Oscailt during 2007.

With this version, users using Oscailt 3.0 can and should follow the upgrade instructions rather than going for a full install.

Some of the new features in Oscailt 3.1 which are listed in the release notes are:

1) Improved database caching
2) Improved auditing of site activities.
3) A new simple Oscailt editor messaging and editor status monitor
4) Improvements to the event calendar
5) Improvements to Oscailt log files display
6) Updated statistics
7) New feature for editors to swap image display order
8) New feature to allow configurable delay to comment publishing
9) New feature to allow embedded video to stories and comments
10) Improved spam control for contact forms
11) New pre-publishing validation for posts with images.... read more

Posted by Terence 2008-02-26

Oscailt Version 3.0 Released

Oscailt is an independent media centre content management system developed by the Indymedia Ireland Tech Group, and written using PHP and MySql. The word "Oscailt" is an Irish word meaning "open" and is pronounced kind of like us-kilt or us-cult or us-culch depending upon your accent.

Oscailt 3.0 has been in development for 22 months - the last six months of which were mainly concerned with testing. We advise all users of Oscailt to prepare to upgrade to this version as it fixes a number of security problems in the existing code and adds many new features. ... read more

Posted by Chekov 2006-02-16

Oscailt Moves To Sourceforge

I've sucessfully moved oscailt over to sourceforge! Currently I have all the code in CVS and over the next while I'll put up all the old file releases, and perhaps move the website to http://oscailt.sourceforge.net

With CVS I have initialised the codebase with the 2.02 releases. I have tagged it using the name release_2_02 and will tag similarly for future releases. If patches are ever required for an earlier release I will create a branch called something like release_2_02_patches and then merge this into the main prior to the next release.... read more

Posted by Vinnie 2004-10-04