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Posted by Philipp Skadorov 2011-02-03

hsms release 0.9.6 is coming soon

There will be lots of changes:
- LIBXML2 instead of libexpat to parse hsms config
- it will be possible to configure HSMS to come in a single shared lib in addition to already existing HSMS daemon-thin client lib.
- it will be possible to configure out threading/signalling in the lib to be linked to the client app (either thin client or full inproc HSMS lib)
- lots of bugfixes

Posted by Philipp Skadorov 2011-02-03

secsII corelib released

Posted by Philipp Skadorov 2010-06-06

secsII corelib is next to first release

SECSII development is over, accompanied with test suite covering 80% of codebase. Remaining is profiling, code commenting, release activities.

Posted by Philipp Skadorov 2010-03-14