#6 Easier Multi-channel configuration

ModularEEG (6)
Tim Nelson

According to the Multi-channel page on the ModularEEG
page, multi-channel EEG requires modifications to the
circuit board. I'd hope that we'd be able to reduce
(and hopefully eliminate) requiring modifications to
the board. My suggestions for doing this are:
- Use actual jumpers for the SJ jumpers
- If we only need one DRL circuit in the whole system,
would having a jumper (or two) in series with this
circuit enable people to easily add/remove the DRL
section of the circuit?

Hopefully we can move in this direction


  • Tim Nelson

    Tim Nelson - 2005-04-15

    Logged In: YES

    The one DRL channel part can be covered by removing the IC
    from its socket (stupid question). However, Joerg suggests
    wiring PAD205 together on all analogue circuit boards.
    Could we run this through the ribbon cable?

  • Tim Nelson

    Tim Nelson - 2005-04-23

    Logged In: YES

    We can't run it through the ribbon cable in a
    backward-compatible fashion, because the digital board uses
    some of the pins from the ribbon cable as testing outputs.
    This would have to be a major change from the previous

    PAD205 is connected to a pin labelled COM on the analogue


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