#2 Audio Interface

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Tim Nelson

An audio interface is supposed to be better for
learning to generate alpha waves. www.biocybernaut.com
talks about them. The one I found relevant was

Basically, it seems we could:
1. Separate out the alpha wave (or theta, or whatever)
2. Maybe do some transforms (such as amplitude
3. Feed it straight to a wave device

I hope we can do one sometime (and one that works with
Linux! :) ).


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Oops, binaural beats are an entrainment method, make that
    monaural beats, we don't want to mess up any epeleptics.

    - Jerry

  • Tim Nelson

    Tim Nelson - 2005-04-11
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  • Tim Nelson

    Tim Nelson - 2005-04-11
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    Feedback Tones

    Tones are the principal mechanism for real-time feedback
    employed for EEG training in accordance with the invention.
    Tones must be maintained at substantial volume and duration
    for rapid learning of self control. Tone quality is also critical to
    learning control. It has been discovered in the course of work
    leading to the present invention that tone frequency is critical
    determinants of learning. For example, tone onset causes
    blocking (abolition or diminution) of EEG alpha as a nonlinear
    function of tone frequency. It was discovered that blocking
    duration is minimal between about 400 Hz and 800 Hz and
    that above and below these frequencies, blocking duration
    rose rapidly. If tone onset occurs in response (feedback) to
    alpha onset and if tone onset causes alpha blocking, then the
    result is negative feedback and is thus unlikely to promote
    learning of alpha EEG control.According to the invention
    therefore, the tones are chosen to lie only between about 400
    Hz and 800 Hz for alpha training.

  • Y3AGO

    Y3AGO - 2005-05-21

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    hmm, interesting.

    I must totally agree; while braintraining last year I
    realized that having to keep my eyes in one place (to see my
    progress) was actually pretty distracting to the process. I
    guess this can be done with software for now, though.


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